What Is the Hardest Thing About Writing a Dissertation?

What Is the Hardest Thing About Writing a Dissertation?

You can compose an excellent essay in one day but not a dissertation. It needs months of hard work and a lot of energy to get you the results you desire.

Difficult Phases during Writing a Dissertation

Apart from the common obstacles a student faces during the dissertation process, there are some specific tasks that feel hard. Even though we have the advantage of the internet, a dissertation’s fear still remains among us. You can easily get tons of info through the internet. However, it is very hard to recognize whether the data is relevant or not. It makes the research process lengthier, as the students now need to be very careful while collecting the data.

People often consider literature review the most difficult thing to do while writing a dissertation. Why? Because it takes a lot of time in researching the topic and gathering data to use in methodology.

Thus, no doubt it is the hardest part of a dissertation. Moreover, it is the most vital chapter of research. Some examiners skip everything and jump to the literature review section directly. It means they assess students on the basis of literature review more than any other chapter. Depending upon the people, these are some tasks that are the hardest to do in a dissertation process:

The Introduction

The introduction chapter of a dissertation is the chance to hook the readers or repel them. That is why many people find it difficult to write it. Also, it demands brilliant writing skills because it shows the readers about your idea, concept, design, research questions, etc. You cannot explain to your readers what you have in your mind without good writing skills right.

Also, the introduction chapter links previous research studies and their gaps in your research. It helps you catch the eye of the readers. Students need to mention their methodologies and every necessary detail in the intro phase to summarize what the readers will get in the rest of the work. That is why it may feel difficult for many people to introduce their research appropriately. Even though the intro chapter is not that long.

Data Collection

It may sound easy to collect data with the help of the internet. However, there are many difficulties we do not consider while thinking of it. As I said above, the internet has a lot of irrelevant information, and it is hard to recognize it. That is what makes the data collection process troublesome. Thus, everyone needs to go through these data collection stages:

• Recognizing source: How will you realize you choose the right source to collect data? There are thousands of websites and articles available on the internet related to your work. That is why it is essential to recognize the source you use to collect data from first.

• Data relevancy: You need to check whether the data you receive from the internet is relevant or not. If your data is irrelevant, it serves no purpose. Even more, irrelevant data can lead you toward disqualification.

• Data collection plan: You cannot spend the whole time collecting the data. Therefore, you need to make a suitable plan according to the days left to complete your research.

Now you have seen how troublesome the data collection phase can be? Many people even cannot verify whether the sources they use to collect data are authentic or not. Thus, they give up at the very first step. That is why for most people, data collection is a nightmare. No one wants to spend weeks collecting data and end up regretting later. It is what students fear the most.

Explanation of Results

The result chapter is not lengthy. However, explaining your findings is not a piece of cake. What you can understand, someone else cannot. How are you going to explain your findings to your audience? It is the most overwhelming phase. We know that the possibilities can be infinite. Thus, what if your results show something that you did not mention in the introduction phase? What if your audience fails to understand what you try to explain? All these questions roam in students’ minds and boost their stress levels.

Also, it is common in research not to achieve the expected results. The research does not mean to seek expected results but the try you give. However, people still get upset when they get unexpected results from their months of effort. Therefore, this may force the students to think a hundred times before stating anything in their result chapter. Sometimes, people do not have concrete evidence to support their arguments.

Lack of Dedication

Lack of dedication leads to procrastination. Whether you have an essay pending or doctoral research, if you are not willing to do it, you will face a thousand issues. If you are not interested in your task, anything can distract you easily. That is why supervisors always suggest picking up a topic you are passionate about. This way, you will never lose interest. In case you select a topic out of your interest, you will find everything related to it annoying you.

It is the most common cause behind people trying to get rid of their research projects. The majority of students do not like a dissertation task, as it is months long. That is why they lose dedication shortly. It makes the task even harder.

Perhaps you may face the same issue. However, the solution to this problem is dedication. Remember, a whole prosperous future is waiting for you to complete your research project. You just need to keep reminding yourself about this, and things will get better time after time.


I hope this article has cleared your mind. I have mentioned everything that students think is hard. Thus, at this point, you are aware of the difficulties you may face while writing a research project. However, remember that nothing is too hard to do. A dissertation is undoubtedly an overwhelming task, but good planning can save your day. Also, it may happen that you will not find anything hard to do during your dissertation project. Here is some motivation, some students manage to complete their research projects in a month. When they can, why not you?

Moreover, if you get the right supervision, you will find ease in everything. For example, if you are a law student, make sure you meet professional lawyers to collect info and get feedback for your research. Else, you can also hire Law Dissertation Writing Services and get a helping hand.