Make your own SUNSHINE... in the RAIN

Make your own SUNSHINE... in the RAIN

Do you ever feel like just putting on your rain boots, and jumping in puddles, singing out loud, making your own sun shine? Its time to jump!

Everyone has different effects of the rain. Some feel gloomy and sad. Some are lazy and stay in pyjamas all day. Personally, I love the rain, listening to each raindrops hit the window, the relaxing dripping sounds hitting the ground. I am a therapist who is very passionate about cognitive thinking. Imagine using the rain to de-clutter your mind and stress. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, rejuvenate your mind.  Take advantage of staying indoors, read that book that you have been ignoring, catch up on Netflix, bake some cookies.

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. "Bob Marley".

"File this one under weird-but-true: In a 2012 study, Newcastle University found that when the weather is especially rainy, cold, snowy, or hot, the length of phone calls to close friends and family increased, while the actual number of calls decreased. In other words, when bad weather strikes and we huddle indoors, we’re more likely to reach out to close connections and shut out our wider network,  Use the rain as an excuse to indulge in a long chat with your loved ones." Readers Digest...

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Jump in the Rain

Here are some great things to stay positive on a rainy day...

  • Curl up on the couch with a favorite book
  • Call a friend and have a meaningfull conversation
  • Play a board game with your kids
  • Clean out your closet, purge old clothes
  • Take a nap - Benefits of Napping! Learn more!
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  • Research has also proven that being around water including rain is calming and alleviates stress. Why Water Makes us feel Calm. Read more...
  • When was the last time you put on rain boots and jumped in a puddle? Its time!!
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