Things No One Told You About Photography Before You Started

Things No One Told You About Photography Before You Started
3 months ago

If you have finally decided to buy yourself a “good” camera, if you do nothing but receive praise for the photos you take with your mobile and hang on Instagram

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Things that a novice usually does not know and that, perhaps, they can throw you back when you have already bought a very expensive latest model reflex. Things that might make you think that this was not your thing and that it was enough for you to take snapshots without further ambitions and go from complicating your life learning what is the diaphragm , the shutter speed , the ISO , the depth of field , the hyperfocal distance …

Things in short, that one does not usually know until he has fully immersed himself in learning photography and that you will surely appreciate that we tell you so that it is easier for you to decide whether to move forward or take a step back. These are the things that someone who wants to get started in photography should know first of all and that probably nobody has told you about.

Photography is not easy to learn

Hitting the camera button is a very simple act, but what is behind it, if you want to learn real photography, is much more complicated . If you enter this world you will have to learn a lot of concepts that may sound Chinese at first. Do you know that using a ƒ1.4 aperture brings much more light into the lens than using a ƒ22 even though the number itself is higher? Messy right?

Most cameras offer automatic shooting modes that usually give good results but when learning photography it is not that it is forbidden to use them, it is that we must use the manual modes . Keep in mind that what it is about is to know the art technique of capturing light so that we, and not the camera, have full control over the images, knowing exactly what it is that we want to achieve and how do what. And this requires a long learning process . You can even learn from amazing brands like preschool smiles

Mastering the technique is not enough

Of course, in addition to knowing the technique, in photography there is an artistic part that is surely more important and takes even longer to master . We talk about learning to compose (that is, knowing how to effectively distribute the elements in the frame), knowing how to interpret the changing light conditions that you can find in a scene, or educating our eye to be able to tell a story and transmit emotions with our photographs. This is something that is not easily accomplished. How is it done? Studying and practicing.

There are several amazing Top brands through which you inspire to learn how they come up on top. Those brand are Walgreens Passport Photo, and YouTube TV etc