How to Use Your Headphones on Xbox One

How to Use Your Headphones on Xbox One

first generation Xbox One controller, then it does not contain the headphone jack. So you will require to spend on the Stereo Headset Adapter.

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Sometimes you do not have to buy a very costly game headset to acquire most of the Xbox One audio feature, particularly when you have already spent on a costly headset. There are several features that you may lose; however, it might be better to use what you have. So you connect that to Xbox and if you need to get the idea to connect it, then you are on the right post. Go through the blog and follow the steps to use your headphones on Xbox One.

How to Connect the Headphones to Xbox One

This part is too simple if you are using the newest version of the Xbox One controller. They have a 3.5 mm headset jack in a controller. If you have the first generation Xbox One controller, then it does not contain the headphone jack. So you will require to spend on the Stereo Headset Adapter. It will be connected to underneath of controller with the headset hooking to underneath the adapter. You will also get other features, including chat or game audio, volume adjusts as well as the large old mute button. Yet if you are using the later version of the Xbox One controller, you may get the feature. An official Microsoft one is no more sold new though famous headset creator Turtle Beach has the amazing substitute.

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How to Manage Audio Without Adapter

If you do not have the inline volume controller, then you have to manage the volume from the console directly. It is not at all complex. However, in the new update of the Xbox One dashboard, controlling the volume is slightly hidden.

If you want to manage audio without the adapter, then abide by the given instructions:

Click on the Xbox option on the controller to launch the guide.

Scroll at the right of the system.

Choose the audio option.

Now you can enable and disable options the attached microphone, mic monitoring, controlling the audio, and mix the game volume to chat.

Adding the Microphone to the Headphones

There are several ways to add the microphone to the headphones so that you can include in the little chat action of the game on Xbox One. One way to the best is an Antlion. This is the microphone that can be clipped to the headphones to make the game headset. You can use the splitter to connect to it and microphone so that you will have the complete game headset connected to an organizer. The benefit is that you may turn off the microphone or can use the headphones. Every game does not have a removable microphone, so you get both the benefits together.

Receiving the More Advanced

If you want to have the fancy, mostly if you are the streamer, you can use Astro’s Mixamp to combine the headphones with the PC console and also with mobile phone volume. Catch up the console on optical audio, stick USB to the computer, and plugged the music player or the headphones, including the smartphone over 3.5 mm. It helps you to manage the mix of sound, including the level of game sound in chat. If you use the Astro’s expensive headset, you will get the Mixamp thrown in, but it is also accessible to buy it directly.

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