How to Fix Disk Space Error Code 0x80780119?

How to Fix Disk Space Error Code 0x80780119?

0x80780119 error code displays that your computer is facing storage related problems while creating a system image.

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0x80780119 error code displays that your computer is facing storage related problems while creating a system image. When the primary or system drive/partition does not have enough space for creating a system image, then the disk space error 0x80780119 may show up in the form of a Popup message. To solve this error, you can create a new system partition; Alternatively, you can expand the currently used partition. Sometimes, the reserved system drive may have sufficient free space to create a system image, but the USN Journal of the drive may become too large with the time. If you work out on the causes of the disk space error 0x80780119, then it may disappear by itself.

How to Solve 0x80780119 Error on Windows 10, 8, and 7?

Method 1: Properly Set Up a Partition

If you don’t want to see the error popup during the creation of a system image, then you need to follow some instructions while creating the system image on your Windows OS. When there is no space to save a shadow copy in the system drive, then the error will appear repeatedly. So our first step is to check the free space in the System partition:

Right-click on the Computer icon and choose Manage.

From the left menu and under Storage, press on Disk Management.

Press on System Reserved and then right-click on it.

Tap on Properties.

System Partition should be a minimum of 100 MB in size.

The free space should be a minimum of 40 MB of free space in the System reserved partition.

To resolve the disk space error 0x80780119, please see the instructions mentioned down here:

Open the Start Menu and then enter cmd.

Now right click on cmd and then choose the Run as Administrator option.

Once the Command Prompt opens successfully with the system privileges, enter the bcdboot.exe /s C:\Windows /s F: command. ( if there is already a partition named as F, then make sure to replace F in the above command with another letter.

Press Enter.

Once the above command successfully applies, enter DISKPART and hit Enter.

Then type DISKPART> select volume F and tap Enter button on your keyboard.

After that, enter DISKPART> active and press Enter.

Reboot the computer once all commands entered successfully.

After the reboot, a new F volume will become the system volume.

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Method 2: Tweaking System Parameters

If you have updated from Windows 8 to 8.1 or your system uses SSD, then you may need to tweak the system settings using specific commands on Command Prompt. Some system-defined parameters will not work if your system has SSD as the primary storage. Follow the below instructions to tweak the system parameters:

Open Command Prompt with admin privileges.

Type the winsat formal -v command in the Command Prompt window.

Now restart your device three times to get the parameter work.

Method 3: Removing USN Journal

The USN Journal is a PC file or program that conserves all changes in the hard drive that your computer makes day by day. With time, it can become oversized or large enough to make the system reserved partition size insufficient for creating a system image. See the below steps to remove the system USN Journal from your device:

Right-click on the Computer icon.

Press on Disk Management

Head to the System Reserved partition and then right-click on the entry of the drive.

Select the Change Drive Letter and Paths option.

Press on the Add button.

Choose the Assign the following drive letter option.

Now ensure that no other partition has the same selected drive letter.

Tap the OK option.

You will need to tap the OK option one more time.

Now launch Command Prompt with admin permission.

Type fsutil usn queryjournal F: and press enter.

Then enter fsutil usn deletejournal /N /D F: following by the Enter key on your keyboard.

The USN Journal has been removed successfully, and there is considerable space free on the system reserved volume.

See if the 0x80780119 error persists by creating a system image backup. This method should work because it will solve the storage regarding issues on your device.

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