How to Back Up Your iPhone

How to Back Up Your iPhone

Smartphones have become one of the most important parts of life. It is used to store lots of data, files, folders, beautiful camera shots, and so on. With iOS 1

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Smartphones have become one of the most important parts of life. It is used to store lots of data, files, folders, beautiful camera shots, and so on. With iOS 13, you can do all the important tasks from messaging to manage your office in a very comfortable way.

How to Back Up Your iPhone -

Features of iPhone

Apple provides various latest smart features on its latest iPhone versions to make them accessible with the new and trendy features.

Users store a lot of essential data on their iPhones but unfortunately, sometimes you lose your smartphone and all the important data and information is gone.

Here, we have some solutions to your problems to fix it using various backup options.

Follow these methods to know more about how to back up your iOS device.

Backing Up the Data Using iCloud

It is recommended to all the users to use iCloud Back Up process in order to back up important files and data.

If you wish to backup your files and other data, then follow the provided instruction:

First of all, connect your device to a strong internet connection via Wi-Fi.

Now, navigate to the “Settings.”

Then hit your iCloud account’s name.

Then tap the iCloud.

Go to the bottom of the iCloud page.

Then hit the iCloud Backup option.

Now, check whether the backup tab is turned or not. If not, turn it on in order to get your data and files automatically backed up.

Now mark or unmark the options like images or videos you wish to backup.

In case you need more space other than 5 GB provided by Apple on the iPhone, you should purchase for better storage experience and for fast processing speed.

Backing Up Your iPhone Through the Mac

In casethe problem of your lost data is not solved with the iCloud backup process, then you may need to back up your smartphone data through Mac.

You should follow these instructions:

You have to make sure that the system can fix the issue.

Then connect your smartphone with the Mac computer and follow a few of the backing procedures while following on-screen instructions.

After the process completes, reboot your device and check for the data to back up.

Backing Up Your Smartphone on MacOS Mojave or Past Versions

The backup feature via iTunes is also available on the previous versions of iOS.

If you wish to back up your smartphone’s data, then you have to follow the given mentioned steps:

First of all, you have to connect your device with a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Now, launch the “iTunes” on your device.

Then you have to tap your device’s name.

Next, tap the “Backup and Restore” option to launch the Backup options page.

After that, hit the “Back Up Now” tab. It will perform an overall backup of your files, folders, and various data stored on your smartphone. It also includes app icons, home screen widgets, and so on.

In case you wish to view a particular previous backup, then you may fetch it through iTunes. Follow these steps to know more about it:

Firstly, open iTunes.

Then hit the “iTunes Preferences’ option.

Now, you have to hit the “Devices” tab.

Then you will view a list of various backup options.

In case you wish to restore a particular backup option, you have to go to your device’s page under iTunes.

After that, you have to tap the “Restore From Backup” option to proceed with the process.

Backing Up Your iPhone Using MacOS Catalina

In case your iPhone is running on MacOS Catalina or beta edition, then the backup process is almost similar to the iTunes one. In fact, in this case, iTunes will split into three various sections named TV, Podcasts, and Music.

Here are the steps to back up your smartphone’s data. The backup option will be located in the Finder from where you may fetch your desired files, drives, and folders. To backup your device with this method, follow the given steps:

First of all, launch the “Finder Window.”

Now hit the connected device.

Then you have to select the “Backup” option located in the “General Settings.”

Here, you may select to sync multiple data and media files to the computer. Also, you can customize several older backups here.

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