How to Broadcast on Steam

How to Broadcast on Steam

Twitch and YouTube are popular platforms for streaming games. However, Steam also allows users to stream. Steam broadcasting is an inbuilt tool that allows user

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Twitch and YouTube are popular platforms for streaming games. However, Steam also allows users to stream. Steam broadcasting is an inbuilt tool that allows users to stream their gameplay directly from the app. Let’s explore the process of broadcasting on Steam.


In comparison, broadcasting over Steam is pretty easy. Users do not have to download any additional app or software. They just need to ensure that they have good and powerful internet. Moreover, the laptop or desktop needs to be robust. Streaming live on Steam is pretty easy.

How does it work?

Steam broadcasting makes use of the Steam client for recording, encoding, and broadcasting the gameplay. It enables users to hook up a mic for communicating with the viewers. Users can decide if they want to add audio from other apps on their device or not.

The Broadcasting segment is present in the Steam client and Steam Community site. It offers a centralized location wherein people can find new streamers and see which person is streaming the video game you wish to watch. In case no one is streaming the video game you wish to watch, then just tweak some settings, open the game, and begin the streaming.

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Setting up Steam Broadcast

Begin by opening Steam on your computer.

After that, click on Steam located at the top left edge of the screen.

Now click on the Settings option.

After that, click on Broadcasting.

Scroll down the menu located below Privacy Setting.

After that, click on Anyone can watch my game for completely enabling Steam broadcasting.

Click on the OK button.

Here, adjustments can be made to the settings of the computer or internet connection. Users can also turn on the mic. To do so, just click on record my microphone.

Now, you can start broadcasting.

Broadcasting on Steam

After enabling broadcasting, you can start the steaming. The client shall automatically begin streaming when the user plays any game that has the broadcasting functionality enabled. The client offers users a few options for making sure that their stream is functioning. Users can also do some fine-tuning while streaming. To find out how to broadcast on Steam, read the steps given below:

Get started by opening the Steam library.

After that, find the game you wish to broadcast.

Click on the Play button.

When the game starts to run, hit Shift+Tab keys.

In the Steam Overlay, click on Settings. Make the adjustments you want.

In case the broadcast is functional, then a red colored circle with LIVE written will appear. You will also be able to see the number of people viewing the stream. You can find it at the upper right-hand corner.

If the microphone is disabled, then enable it.

You may also change the streaming quality.

Click on the OK button when prompted.

For returning to the game, hit escape.

Now, you can stream whatever you want.

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