What is a Chipboard?

What is a Chipboard?
3 months ago

What is a chipboard?

A chipboard consists of fine fibers or wood particles, or derivatives. These crumbled elements are pressed with a heat source, using a sticky substance that binds the particles together. Once the mixture is completely dry, we obtain plates or planks of compact wood. These wood plates, such as wood panels for furniture or workbenches, can be used in the rough or shaped with a coating. Wood panels come in a variety of forms, such as wood slabs, chipboard, composites, chipboard or hardboard.

The raw materials of the panels are composed of raw chipboard, melamine or laminate, or natural wood, plywood, large oriented particles (OSB), medium density fiber (MDF) or glulam. The choice of the finished product varies according to the desired result and the type of confection to be shaped.

What is the purpose of chipboard?

Subcontracting work of chipboard and similar panels is used in various sectors such as the furniture industry, decoration, POS, layout, construction or industrial packaging. Wood panels are integrated in the manufacture for furniture (cabinets, tables, chairs, drawers, displays ...), kitchens (storage furniture, shelves), sofa structures, packaging. specific woods, decorative planks (frames), compact cladding, bracing panels or special pallets. Sinter panels are used to furnish private homes, businesses, restaurants, garden huts, offices or other public or private spaces.

What are the benefits of chipboard?

The advantages of using chipboard mainly lie in the type and texture of the materials used, the gestures for the protection of the environment and the cost. The wood panel manufacturing materials are soft, thin and easy to shape, assemble and improve. The ecological aspects of wood panels made of recyclable materials contribute to the maintenance of a green planet. The cost of chipboard is affordable. These materials are readily available for the manufacture of home furnishings and many object structures that are part of the interior or exterior layout.

What are the machining techniques used for the manufacture of wood panels?

The wood panel manufacturer manages the manufacturing stages from the design of the panel, through the shaping of the panel, to its development. Current techniques for machining wood panels are modern and efficient. Equipped with quality mechanisms, state-of-the-art digital work machines enable precise and reliable work. Among the various working tools available are a digital saw, a machine for rounding corners, edge banders or singing

with cutter for rectilinear and rounded sides as well as a rotary cutter. Cabins are reserved for painting and varnishing. In addition, machining centers of 4 to 5 axes offer large spaces for the loading, unloading and storage of equipment.

What is the role of the design office for individual projects?

Experts in the design of chipboard panels offer a complete expertise for the optimization of all kinds of projects, from the simplest to the most complex. This detailed analysis consists of designing a project. It makes it possible to optimize the work of the finished product, by carrying out a neat and complete work. Any project of interior design, making furnishing structures, creation of stalls or others is studied carefully.

Thus, the machining work for manufacturing is well defined and can perform a good quality work. The industrial plant is equipped with high-powered computing tools such as TopSolid Wood, Wood Wop or CutRide. These advanced computer programs offer professionals adapted equipment,