How to Carry Almost Anything on Your Dual Sport Motorcycle

How to Carry Almost Anything on Your Dual Sport Motorcycle

How to Carry Almost Anything on Your Dual Sport Motorcycle

Everyone loves to ride a motorcycle; however, there is one common complaint that people generally have when it comes to these two-wheelers machines. Any motorcycle generally has little to no storage space. It might be a deal breaker for a few. Today we will discuss some of the tips and accessories that can help you to deal with this drawback perfectly. Whether you are planning to go grocery shopping or on a cross-country road trip, here are a few accessories for Dual sport motorcycles that can help you deal with the lack of storage space.

1- Luggage racks

The first and foremost thing you can go for is Custom luggage racks for Motorcycles. These luggage racks are perfect for providing some extra storage space for your ride. Available in various variants and sizes, these racks are designed to strap down bags or GIVI/Kappa Monolock cases. These Custom luggage racks for Motorcycles also work as an ideal base for mounting the backrest for pillion riders. An ideal piece of motorcycle accessory that you can buy from any online store like Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories.

2- Tank bag

The tank bags are next on the list to increase your beloved motorcycle's storage space. It is one of the easiest solutions to add extra storage space for your bike and is certainly a convenient one. Easy to access, these bags are ideal for storing essential documents and items that a rider might need during the ride. It not only adds up the storage space but is convenient as well, especially during long travels.

3- Top trunk or case

A top trunk or case is another great option to add some extra loading space for your ride. These cases are well built and generally have ample storage space. Furthermore, these top trunks or cases provide extra protection to the cargo it carries. They are weatherproof and secure storage options making them ideal for storing any breakable luggage items in them.

4- Saddlebags

A pair of saddlebags goes a long way when it comes to adding some extra storage space to your ride. Saddle bags generally have much more storage space as compared to tank bags. One can easily plan a weekend trip with a set of saddlebags tossed on the back of the ride. It is advised to install luggage racks when planning to use saddle bags to add some extra storage options for your ride.

Additional tip

One of the simplest solutions to being able to have some storage space while riding your motorcycle is to get a backpack. Backpacks are hassle-free options to deal with the storage issue of your motorcycle. Just load it up, strap it on your back and get out to the unknown.


These are some of the accessories for Dual sport motorcycles that you can buy to add some storage options to your motorcycle. Each with its own perks is some of the best ways to ensure comfortable motorcycle trips.