How Custom Airbrush Tan is Different from Normal Spray Tan

How Custom Airbrush Tan is Different from Normal Spray Tan

How Custom Airbrush Tan is Different from Normal Spray Tan

Skin tanning can bring out the popping highlight definition and glow your skin needs. Natural tanning could be done in the sun, but summer doesn't last forever. Also, It could be dangerous to the health, causing skin damage in later years due to the UV ray effect.

However, since the introduction of free-UV tanning, tanning has been more fun. It could be made available throughout the seasons with no skin-damaging effect. It's no news that both the custom airbrush tan and spray tan are sunless tanning processes giving a natural-looking, beautiful skin highlight definition within a matter of minutes.

The custom airbrush spray tan is done by a technician specializing in airbrush spray techniques. They spray the DHA solution on your skin, giving the bronze effect on the skin and turning darker to the best shade within 12 hours. This solution gives that instant tan effect with a better highlight of body contour. Your tan tone could last for 10-12 days.

For normal spray tans, on the other hand, are automatically operated. It requires a spraying booth and spraying nozzles in the booth's strategic corners. The spray solution also contains a DHA that tan the skin. Most instant spray tan booths can pass pre-programmed instructions to the customer with a speaker across the spraying booth. You can flaunt the best instant spray tan for up to a week.

These two types of sunless tanning are similar, but their application and the time on the body differ. Considering some of the features below, here are some differences between these two sunless and free-UV tanning

Contour to your body

This is a major difference that is well noticeable in sunless tanning. The custom airbrush tan technician can easily give more preference to the body part that the customer wants to bronze more than the other.

Some customers prefer the tan more on the limbs than their back. The airbrush spray tan gives room for modifications preferred by the customer. This body contour can't be perfected in a booth of normal spray tans due to its automated command.

Covering concealed areas of your body

Another common and visible difference between airbrush tan spray and normal tan spray is that some hidden skin parts may not be well attended to in a normal automated tan spray booth. This is because the nozzle spray may not reach some hidden parts like the inner thigh, under the arm, and armpit. In comparison, the airbrush tan spray specialist takes time to address the parts the bronze or tan didn't get to.

Cleanliness and hygiene status

Considering these two sunless tanning, their hygiene may differ. The normal tan spray may not be hygienic as the custom airbrush tanning because the booths are used by multiple people. There is no guarantee that the booth is highly hygienic.

In contrast, with custom airbrush spray, there is a high-level cleanliness assurance during your session with the tan technician to get better hygiene practice during tanning.