10 Proven Tips to Prevent Hair Color from Fading

10 Proven Tips to Prevent Hair Color from Fading

Are you worried about the way your hair color looks after treatment? You can prevent it from fading by following some simple steps.

Get a Color Lock Treatment:

Ensure your hair color cream Loreal stays vibrant and beautiful. The best thing you can do for your hair is getting a full-body treatment, like the Shine Hair Fundamental Repair, at least once every six weeks (for optimal results).

10 Proven Tips to Prevent Hair Color from Fading

Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday

Harsh shampoos and exposing your hair to heat make it fade faster, so try not to wash it everyday. No matter how sweaty you get from the summer heat or even from exercising at the gym, don't jump into the shower right away.

Limit Your Sun Exposure

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, limit it to an hour or less if possible. Not only is UV radiation damaging to your hair color, but it also makes your hair dry and brittle. Avoiding it can prevent sun-bleaching.

Use a Color-Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner

If you're already out in the sun, use a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair to keep your hue accurate. But again, this is not a preventative solution alone—it only helps maintain the color you have.

Use Color Revive Shampoo and Conditioner

A Eufora color revive blonde shampoo nourishes color-treated strands to keep your hair looking bright without damaging it. Bonus: It's excellent at detangling unruly locks because it contains nourishing proteins that strengthen your hair.

Use a Spray Chalk

Make a statement with temporary hair color. If you feel creative and want to try something fun, go for it. Just use best heat protection spray directly onto your dry hair and then brush your locks to create incredible designs or streaks.

The best part: the chalk washes out easily with shampoo and water after about 5-10 shampoos.

Use a Hair Mask

It's good for your hair, and it lets you get away with washing it less, too. Give your locks some TLC with one of these masks once every two weeks instead of shampooing them each time you shower (this is best if you use Color Lock Shampoo).

Hair conditioning treatment can help the color stay vibrant, so you may want to consider salon brands like Eufora.

Change Your Pillowcase

Over time, your pillowcase can wear thin and become a source of dye transfer onto your hair. Swap it out now and then for one that's made of satin or silk. These are less likely to absorb your hair color than standard cotton pillowcases. That's because they naturally resist dye transfer better, which can make your dye job last longer.

Brush Your Hair Less

When you brush or comb wet hair, it can damage the cuticle and make your hue fade faster. Plus, you can break your hair when it is wet—it's weaker and more prone to breaking. So, wait until it dries (especially if your hair is color-treated) before brushing it to minimize damage and fading.

Deep Condition

Use an in-salon treatment or a conditioning mask once every three to four weeks (or about once a month). Hair color and heat exposure make hair dry, so it's essential to keep your strands hydrated.

That way, they can maintain their health and beauty for as long as possible. It is crucial because dry hair tends to fade more quickly than moisturized hair.