Wedding Wow: 5 Breathtaking Wedding Decor Ideas

Wedding Wow: 5 Breathtaking Wedding Decor Ideas

Best wedding decor ideas

Who doesn’t want wedding décor that takes their guests’ breath away? How you decorate turns the fantasy of your dream wedding into a reality. How you use wedding lounge furniture can turn any space into matrimonial bliss. There are many ways you can envision your ceremony and reception and DESIGNER8* can help. Here are 5 inspiring design ideas you should consider for your big day.

Wedding Wow: 5 Breathtaking Wedding Decor Ideas

Sheer drapery

Sheer drapery or decorate curtains can perform multiple functions for your wedding. They can act as a divider, separating a large space into smaller, intimate sections or as decor such as an elegant frame perfect for photography. They also diffuse the light in your wedding, giving softness unachievable by any other means. With sheer curtains, your space feels breezy and decadent, leaving your guests impressed.

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers

Nothing says wedding like beautiful flowers and they always look gorgeous and smell amazing. Large floral centerpieces punctuating each dining table are just the beginning. Flower walls add a level of freshness and fragrance that cannot be artificially duplicated. Consider using flowers in unusual places, perhaps hanging from the ceiling, floating in votives, along your aisle or try scattering flower petals on your guests’ tables. When planning your floral design, consider complementing your blossoms with leaves or moss, as the use of green elements adds to the look and overall feel freshness.

Circular ceremony seating

If your venue allows it, you may want to consider a circular seating plan for your ceremony. This untraditional arrangement is both stunning visually, but also creates a more intimate feeling by allowing guests to be closer to the couple than in a traditional setup. In addition, some couples say that being surrounded by their guests, they feel like they are in a ‘circle of love’. Another idea is to arrange the chairs like a seashell, allowing the bride to walk past each guest on the way to the altar while creating a built-in receiving so the couple can personally greet each guest as husband and wife.

Unique lighting

Lighting sets the mood and focuses your guests’ attention. The glow of candlelight can create a warmth and intimacy usually saved for small weddings. You can also use a spotlight on the altar to holds guests’ attention during the ceremony or use string lights around other décor, like trees or pergolas. The collective glow of many tiny lights illuminates the venue in a soft, magical way.

Create a Luxurious Sweetheart Spot

Take advantage of your special day and create an intimate place for you and your sweetheart to steal a few private moments. This spot can be used for photographs, for a few minutes to yourselves prior to the reception or as a spot for a drink at the end of the night. You can also create a small lounge to host immediate family or invited guests. Curate your special space with elegant lounge seating, cozy club chairs and stylish tables. Using elements with shine, texture, and colors to reflect your personal style.