Fix: Google Drive Videos Not Playing or Showing Black Screen

Fix: Google Drive Videos Not Playing or Showing Black Screen

Google Drive is an online storage space where you can get 15GB of free storage for saving documents, images, videos, contacts, and many more things. Google Driv

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Google Drive is an online storage space where you can get 15GB of free storage for saving documents, images, videos, contacts, and many more things. Google Drive total work on the internet, and to play video or watching photos from it, you need to have internet. Google Drive can be accessed through the website and its application. In the desktop, you can use Google Drive through the website, and to access it you need to sign in with your Gmail Id and password.

To watch the video on Google Drive, you require an active internet, but sometimes even if you have fast internet, your browser does not load the video and doesn’t play. The issue of not playing video and not loading in Google Drive is not a new issue; neither it’s a bug. It’s an issue of the system that you need to clean whenever you face the issue. You can upload and download any file that exists in Google Drive but when you are not able to play video, just check for some reasons to fix the issue:

Major Issues of Videos Not Playing in Google Drive

Check the format of the video.

Check if the video is ready for playing.

Look into the resolution of the video.

Might be the issue of pirated content.

Sign out from your secondary Google account.

Do not restrict third-party cookies.

Check the Format of Video

At the time of uploading the video, you don’t need to check for the format. On the other hand, at the time of playing the video, there are some specific formats of video that you need to know to play. It happens because your browser does not support some specific format of video that stopping it from playing. In case you tend to get additional information regarding video format, you should know that in Google Drive, you can watch MPEG4, MOV, AVI, FLV, OGG, 3GPP, MPEG-PG, WMV, MTS, and WebM.

Check If Video is Ready for Playing

When you upload a video on Google Drive, you just can’t play it straight away because, in that interval of time, video is not ready to be played. Despite the fact, the video shows the thumbnail, but it doesn’t mean it will be played right away. It depends on the size of the video, and if it is a bigger size of the video, then it could take a while before playing. There is no specific time mentioned, but if you wait for a few minutes, then it will start working, just have to use fast internet while doing it.

Check the Resolution of Video

You might don’t know that Google Drive doesn’t allow the users to play video more than resolution 1920×1280. According to this statement, you can upload the video of higher resolution like 4K and 8K, but you can’t play these resolutions of video. After looking into the format of the video, you also need to look into the resolution of the video to know if it will play.

Might be Issue of Plagiarism Content

Plagiarism is a crime in the field of the internet because using unauthorized content could make things worse for several people. Google is totally against Plagiarism, but still, there are websites in Google that total work on Plagiarism. But you are not like those websites, and Google can block you from accessing any kind of content that doesn’t belong to you. Video in your Google Drive is not playing; it can happen from Plagiarism, but there are two more reasons that can stop it from playing is:

Browser extension

Internet connection

You can try by changing the internet connection because network operators also block the content to buffering. Along with it, you can also disable the extension to try playing the video. If that works, it means extension was stopping Google Drive to playing the video.

Sign Out from Your Secondary Google Account

You might be using two or multiple accounts in your device, and it could be the reason the video is not playing. To fix the issue, you ultimately need to remove all your additional accounts. Google takes some things improperly, so to solve your issue, just go with a single account, and later on, you can add more as you want.

Do Not Restrict Third-Party Cookies

Some time Intentionally or some time by mistake, we block the cookies, and that is why problems like videos are not playing starts to work. If the video from Google Drive is not playing, its strong reason could be that you blocked cookies. If you are using Chrome, then you need to use chrome://settings/content/cookies command to manage the cookies settings. In any other browser, just do default settings to solve video playing issues.

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