West world Season 3: Every Confirmed Character to RetEnter content title here...

West world Season 3: Every Confirmed Character to RetEnter content title here...

HBO is all set to release the premiere of West world Season 3. After Season 2, there are some changes that happen in the series, including with the main charact

HBO is all set to release the premiere of West world Season 3. After Season 2, there are some changes that happen in the series, including with the main characters like Dolores, Bernard, Man in Black (William), and Maeve. The intellectual sci-fi series is based on the same name movie released in 1973. In the series, robots and humans exist where robots are known as hosts. From season 1 of West world, there will be some new changes in the series that will make it more entertaining. The behaviors of hosts have changed, and now they work on their own free will.

Unlike every host, there are three hosts who have more self-awareness than others, and these are Dolores Abernathy, Maeve Millay, and Bernard Lowe. The host Bernard was head of programming who though he was a human but actually was a host who was created by Robert Ford. In season 2, there were several new characters released that help Dolores and Bernard leaving the Westworld. Season 3 is returning, and here are some confirmed characters.

Dolores Abernathy

In the entire series of Westworld, Dolores Abernathy is one of the oldest hosts created by Arnold Weber and Robert Ford. She was a special project that is also known as Wyatt who shot Ford on the head from the back in the last episode of Westworld Season 1. After killing Ford, she started leading the army of hosts. She totally gains self-awareness over her body at the end of season 1. Now Dolores has aimed for the human world in Westworld Season 3 and willing to make a new world of hosts.

Bernard Lowe

Just like Dolores, Bernard is also aware of things that were happening, although he was the head of programming hosts until season 1. Until the end of the season, Bernard knew he is a host as well that made by humans. Dolores sent Bernard outside of Westworld and set him free. Bernard understands that humans have used and exploit hosts for fun and for their pleasures. Until season 2, he was staying low, but in Westworld Season 3, we might see his character as important.

William (Man in Black)

William is most known as Man in Black, who once fell in love with Dolores at a young age. Eventually, their love was found to be a written script, which wasn’t real; they understand it later. That made his feelings dark after he understands his feelings for Dolores was just scripted. Just like James Delos, William was also a human-host hybrid that was trapped in Park for fidelity testing. From season 1, William is an important character that states he will take the side of hosts and save the world. His statement declares that he will be a major character in Westworld Season 3 as well.

Ashley Stubbs

Being alive as a security head in Westworld is not an easy thing, but Ashley Stubbs has managed to be alive. It’s been past two seasons in Westworld, and Ashley Stubbs is still alive, unlike other persons in the security department. He is also the oldest person from security how is secretly a host created by Ford. Just like Bernard, Ashley Stubbs was created by ford secretly, but until season 2, he believed he was a human, which he isn’t. In the trailer of Westworld Season 3, Stubbs has shown up with Bernard, where he might decide to save humanity.

Maeve Millay

From the trailer of Westworld Season 3, it is clear that in the show, there will be a clash between Dolores and Maeve. Dolores has stopped the path of humanity, and only Maeve is the only equivalent of her. In season 1, Maeve was the first one to find they are getting manipulated and free herself from many restrictions. Serac is the one who asks Maeve to kill Dolores, and from here, the show might present viewers a face-off, two superior hosts.

Charlotte Hale (Host)

Executive director of Delos Destinations, Charlotte Hale, had a sharp mind. She survived extreme outbreak violence at the ending of season 1 but died in the middle of West world Season 2. Only Dolores knows about the death of Charlotte. To escape the West world, Dolores uses Charlotte by making a host of her. Her copy version helped Bernard, Dolores, and other hosts escape from West world. In the West world Season, 3 viewers will get to see her influenced host version that available for helping in the downfall of humanity.

Hector Escaton

Lover of Maeve, Hector Escaton, is a major host in the series. Even though Hector hasn’t ever achieved the awareness like Maeve he is still committed to her. Until the Season 1, Hector was just a bandit who used to heist the safe from the cat house and there Maeve also used to work. In the trailer of West world Season 3, they both showed up together escaping from the town.

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