Use your Old Phone to Make A Home Security Camera

Use your Old Phone to Make A Home Security Camera

Do you want to make your old smartphone a full fledge home security camera without spending a single penny? If so, then you have landed on the right spot.

Do you want to make your old smartphone a full fledge home security camera without spending a single penny? If so, then you have landed on the right spot. In this article, we are going to tell you how to create a home security camera with your old phone. In case you have an old phone in your home, and it is in working condition despite a few problems like a poor battery or cracked display, then you can make it a security camera for your home.

These days it is pretty hard for everyone to keep an eye on what’s happens in your home whenever you leave outside. However, a stable and good quality security camera can hold your back in such cases, despite the fact it can burn a hole into your pocket. You don’t have to waste your money on buying home security camera anymore, just get an old smartphone and a few more things to convert it into a fully functional home security camera. Here is a complete guide to transforming your old phone into a home security camera. Let’s get started.

Turning that Grimy Phone into a Home Security Camera

Step 1: Installing a Security Camera App on Your Aged Phone

To get started with a smartphone home security camera, first, your need is a security camera app installed on it. There are plenty of apps on the mobile app stores that can offer great services and works like a charm. Apps that offer local streaming, recording, cloud streaming, storing recording clips remotely, motion detection, and others can be indeed helpful while building a home security camera out of an old smartphone. These features are capable of alerting you about suspicious activity in your home remotely no matter how far you are from your home since they work on internet streaming principal.

Once these basic apps on your phone are installed that offer any services like motion detection and remote recording, you will be able to keep an eye on what’s going in your home. These apps are capable of keeping you up to date with the live footage of your phone camera. No matter you stay anywhere around the globe. You will be able to check the status and get alerts on your primary phone that you always keep with yourself.

We would recommend you to install the Alfred app on your smartphone because it offers top-notch quality and uninterrupted services that make it one of the best apps to turn a phone into a home security camera. It supports both Android and iOS devices, so no issues whether your old phone was Android or iOS. The app must be installed on your old and new both phones so that the older phone will stay at home, and the new one will work as a monitor or warning alarm.

The Alfred app gives useful features like live footage of your old phone’s camera, motion detection with warnings, two-way audio feed, free cloud storage, and switching between front and rear cameras remotely. These features are included with the basic app that is completely free, but you can unlock the potential of the app that has many other features as well. Additional feature includes HD view and recording, zoom functionalities, ad removal as well as cloud storage with 30 days.

Here is how to get started with the Alfred app:

Head to App Store on your smartphone.

Search for the Alfred app using the search bar.

Now select the best matching result.

Then Install the app.

Once the installation completes, open it.

Make sure to install the app on both new and old phones.

Then, on your new phone, continue with the introduction.

Hit the Start button.

Go to the Viewer and then head to the Next option.

When asked, sign in with your Google account.

On your old phone, continue with the introduction and then head to the Start button.

Head to Viewer and then head to Camera.

Sign in to your Google account on your old phone too.

Now when both phones are signed with the same account on Alfred, you are all set.

ON your new phone, you can easily tweak settings for the notification regarding the home security phone.

Step2: Mount Your Old Phone into Camera Position

Now the next step is to set your old phone to a position in which your camera can capture the complete room or the entrance of the house, so you can track who is trying to break in.

You can use your clever mind to mount your phone permanently to a high place like a corner of the room.

For mounting the device, we recommend a high-quality suction cup mount or a tripod as per your requirement.

Step 3: Arranging a Charger for Old Phone

As your mobile will be connected to the WiFi 24/7, and the phone will stay turned on, the battery will go down of your phone within mere hours. Make sure to arrange a permanent charger for your phone, so the battery will not die. You can also consider a wide-angle lens for your phone to capture the wide view of your home.

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