Apple Released Entertaining New Privacy Ad With Poking Fun at App Tracking

Apple Released Entertaining New Privacy Ad With Poking Fun at App Tracking

Apple’s latest privacy ad showed an interesting take on the app tracking transparency features.

Apple’s latest privacy ad showed an interesting take on the app tracking transparency features.


Apple launched a new advertisement that draws the attention of the people on its app tracking transparency and its beneficial factors after activating it. From the time Apple announced the iOS data collection modification, it has been the topic of discussion and controversy between some app developers and advertisers. However, the users seem happy, and the response was pretty positive.

Whether the commercial app tracking transparency features are controversial or not, it is releasing as part of the recently launched iOS 14.5 software update. The in-built privacy feature is pretty important for iOS, as it will provide a more transparency rate and control over the applications to iPad and iPhone users, which will further prompt the privacy feature.

The privacy feature was first disclosed at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last year in June 2020. The new feature is certainly a major step of privacy for users, which gives a valuable strand over companies like Google and Facebook that track activities of users to create targeted commercials or other content.

Apple started working on improving privacy features long before it came to attention, but it introduced App Tracking Transparency in the current year. Before the release, companies like Facebook showed concern about the feature, as it may impact highly on the advertising revenue. The feature includes an ability that allows users to activate with a single tap to avoid trackers.

In the newly released advertisement, you will notice a person buying his coffee before starting the day, and the person is followed by a barista guy, who looked like he knew more than the person himself. As the day was moving forward, more and more people joined the person and followed him continuously everywhere. Not only following him but also collected the data of his habits and interests. And with the help of the app privacy feature, he can banish them all and enjoy the moment in privacy by declining the request of app tracking permission.

Apple has considered how users need their space for privacy and continues to do so, even between the struggles with Facebook. Facebook was also criticized by Apple CEO Tim Cook for how Facebook runs the company over its tracking ability on users’ privacy. Apple has continuously cleared how it does not stand with selling the users’ data to advertisers.

Should Apple push its limit for app transparency?

The imagination of the world being ideal is somehow a myth, but with an ideal thought, we wish that developers can be a little responsible in order to limit the data collection process along with the usage and leave it at the point where it is only needed to access the applications. There have been several issues regarding the data that showed how applications had turned negative. Considering this data issue, the information of app tracking and collection of data has been shown exactly as they act in reality. It is quite shocking, as App Store is highly important to Apple, and also its widely spread ecosystem. In addition, this looks easier to revoke permission of all applications to avoid getting chased by all apps.

If we talk about an app tracking your data creates a negative impact, but it also has some of the beneficial factors involved as well. It may result in a positive impact if allowed the app to track the data for advertisement purposes, and one of them can be beneficial for app developers. In this digital era, as we usually know that most websites and apps depend on the targeted ad revenue, and some developers respect users’ data.

As long as it is ensured to the users’ that developers are responsibly taking actions by not tracking too much data or information, then there is no need to deny the tracking process. However, it seems like while releasing the new privacy ad, Apple could have included iOS developers as well along with users’ privacy protection factor.

META- Apple released entertaining commercial teasing the app trackers. Apple showed the importance of users’ privacy protection by providing control over app tracking.