Apple Store: New Accessibility Features With Sign Language Support

Apple Store: New Accessibility Features With Sign Language Support

A new plan has been circulating for accessibility features in Apple stores along with updated operating systems.

A new plan has been circulating for accessibility features in Apple stores along with updated operating systems.

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On Wednesday, Apple announced about including new accessibility features in iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, which will be coming this year. Apple decided to encompass a range of features, which are prepared for people with visions, mobility, cognitive, and hearing issues. Apple will update its software this year, through which all the features will be included.

Apple has also installed one of the exciting features for people with limb issues. This new feature allows Apple watch to steer its interface via using the feature AssistiveTouch. Not only Apple Watch, but users of iPad and iPhone will also get to navigate this new feature. In addition, Apple decided to bring in a new feature of sign language interpreter accessibility named as SignTime, which will be available to connect with retail customer care, and AppleCare.

Sign language interpreter and assistive touch: it sure is the coolest feature.

There will be another feature included in watchOS, which will allow users of Apple watch to steer the cursor on the display via performing hand gestures like clenching or pinching. Apple has announced how the Apple Watch will be available with in-built motion sensors such as an accelerometer and gyroscope. The Apple Watch will also include on-device machine learning and an optical heart rate sensor, which will notify subtle differences in tendon activity and muscle movement.

The new feature of gesture control via Assistivetouch will inform people with limb issues to easily attend incoming calls, access notification centre, control on-screen motion pointer, and Control center. All these features and no need to move the digital crown or even touch the display.

However, Apple has not provided any clear information on which Apple watch will be getting this new feature.

Gesture controls and eye tracking actions: No need to touch the display

In context to the gesture controls available on the Apple Watch, Apple will provide support for eye tracking devices in iPadOS in which users can control the iPad using their eyes.

Apple also added that compatible ‘Made for iPad devices’ will be able to trace the eyes of a person in order to move the pointer according to the user’s gaze. It will be able to work for various actions on the iPad, even tapping, and users wouldn’t have to move a finger to touch the screen.

In the lists of several updates, Apple also upgraded the screen reader ‘Voice Over’, which will allow users to explore detailed information in the image. The details we are talking about are table data, text, and other things. Users will be allowed to add their descriptions in images to provide a personalized perspective.

Also sound action instead of switch control: coolness is getting higher

The feature switch control allows people with coordination disorder to navigate the system by giving them the option to click on the switch, which will operate tasks such as selecting menus, moving the pointer, and entering texts. There are other parts also, which can be used as switches like mouse buttons, joysticks, trackpad buttons, adaptive devices, and keyboard keys. The newly introduced sound actions will allow Mac users to replace physical hard work with activating everything via sound controls like pop, ‘ee’, or click sound for people with mobility issues.

iPhone: hearing aids with mics

Apple has created a hearing aid program called ‘made for iPhone’’ that utilizes special protocol technology and Bluetooth, which makes hearing audio easier from iPads and iPhones. Users can stream audio straight to their ears, which you usually perform in wireless Bluetooth headphones like AirPods. But answering back to the audio like during video calls, you need to hold your phone close to your face.

The newly introduced ‘made or iPhone’ hearing aids will be available with mics, which will let people enjoy phone conversations or video calls. These are most likely to come around September.

META- Apple is bringing sign language support, AssistiveTouch, hearing aids, and sound control upgrades in iPad, iPhone, and Apple watch to replace touch controls.