How to Delete WhatsApp Account and Switch to Telegram

How to Delete WhatsApp Account and Switch to Telegram

WhatsApp has changed its privacy policy. Since Facebook purchased WhatsApp, the company has made several rules & regulations to use it, but people are not happy

WhatsApp has changed its privacy policy. Since Facebook purchased WhatsApp, the company has made several rules & regulations to use it, but people are not happy with the recently changed privacy policy. The main motive for bringing a new privacy policy for users is to collect their personal data and use it for ads and other business purposes. Well, keeping data safe in this digital era is tough for users, and whatever WhatsApp is planning to do could disclose the user’s privacy.

In 2016, WhatsApp had the same privacy policy as Facebook, but now it is no more similar. Users can’t deny the agreement policy if they want to use WhatsApp from now on. So basically, if anyone wants to use WhatsApp, they must accept the new privacy agreement.

Millions of people around the world have already uninstalled WhatsApp after the new security update. If you also don’t want to continue with WhatsApp, here’s how you can delete your account and switch to a better messaging app.

How to Delete WhatsApp Account?

Launch WhatsApp application.

Click on three-dots at the top-right side.

Select Settings.

Click Account.

Choose Delete my account.

Type your registered phone number.

Click Delete my account.

Now WhatsApp will ask the reason.

Mention the reason and click Delete my account.

Click Delete my account for the final time.

After choosing Delete my account, your WhatsApp account will be deleted. Now once the account is deleted, you’ll require another safe messaging app. So here you can try out the Telegram messaging app which is way better than WhatsApp in terms of user privacy. Just like registering for a WhatsApp account, users will have to follow some steps on telegram to create an account. Here’s the guide for it.

How to Start Telegram App

Telegram works just like WhatsApp. Users can share images, videos, contacts, location, stickers, and many more things with better privacy features. Telegram doesn’t collect user’s data and keeps it fully encrypted. Audio calling and video calling features are also available on Telegram. To start Telegram, users must download and install it first from App Store, Play Store or Microsoft Store.

Set up Telegram

Once Telegram is installed, open it and Register your contact number.

You’ll get a verification code that you’ll have to type in the blank box.

Once the number is registered, swipe left and move into Settings.

Set up your Username and Bio.

Telegram is quite easy, and the great thing about this app is that users can download big size files as well. So if anyone wants to download a full movie in GB size, they can download it easily. The group chat feature is also available on Telegram. However, if anyone wants to improve Telegram privacy, they need to follow a few more additional steps.

Set up Two-Step Verification on Telegram

Telegram is already a secure messaging platform but can improve its privacy level by enabling Two-Step Verification. So here’s how to do it:

Launch Telegram.

Swipe left and click Settings.

Choose the Privacy and Security option.

Choose Two-Step Verification.

Click on Set an Additional Password.

Choose a Password hint and recovery email to recover the account if someone forgets the password.

Now a verification code will be delivered to the registered email.

Type the verification code in the box to confirm the email.

This is everything a user must do to keep their account protected.


Indeed, WhatsApp is a highly used messaging app around the world. WhatsApp has always provided simple and reliable features to its users. No one wants their data to be sold to an unknown company. Keeping this thing in mind, people have started to switch from WhatsApp to a better messaging app like Telegram.