Radon Awareness in Southern Ontario

Radon Awareness in Southern Ontario

People need to be aware of the Radon that is actually in the Southern Ontario Regions

Is There a Killer in Your Home??

Radon Potential Map of Southern Ontario

Radon Potential in Southern Ontario

We are all at risk.

Each year, approximately 3200 Canadians die from radon related lung cancer, Radon is a radioactive gas that is found naturally in the soils and can seep into your home through crack, gaps, crawl spaces, drain and sump pits.

Radon is in every home. Every home - even yours - has radon gas. You can't see it, hear it, or smell it, or taste it, but it is present in both newer and older homes. This makes it extremely important for you to test your home's levels to be sure you and your family are safe.

In today's modern times the homes we live and work in are much more air tight than previously. The dilution of the air containing Radon that we breath in daily is directly effected by this. We now use the lower levels of buildings and homes as an extension of our daily space we occupy. If the space contacting the ground level is used for more than 4 hours at a time, the space should be tested to know the Radon content of this area. The European threshold limit for Radon content is 100 Bq/m3, the American threshold limit is 150 Bq/m3 and the Canadian threshold limit is 200 Bq/m3. If the test results are above this level mitigation would be recommended. Canada is the second largest producer of Uranium in the world which is directly related to this issue.

Uranium is Directly Related to Radon

World Uranium Mining Production

Canada is the second largest producer of Uranium. Uranium is directly related to the Radon content we breath in. The Radon content in building is not related directly to the type of construction of the home but rather to the ground we live and work on.

In new home construction Health Canada recommend installing a preliminary system under the concrete slab floors as a precaution to the home owner for if and when the home is tested and has to have remediation done to the structure, this is a fairly simple way now to deal with the issue. The purchasers of new home can have the home tested and if the home is above the limit according to reports Taion will go back to the construction company for the cost of the remediation process.

Citizens Guide to Radon

Deaths Due to Radon EPA Estimates

The chart shows the Radon deaths in correlation with other common deaths.