We Care for your Family Health. We take care of your Home Health

We Care for your Family Health. We take care of your Home Health

Whether buy a new home or live in an older home, there are things lurking in and around the environment that can cause your family to feel unwell.

Is your Home Good for your Health?

We as homeowners take the utmost pride in our homes and the family within, but what if something was compromising the health of your family - that being contaminated indoor air.

My name is Tom Weber, Owner of Alder Creek Inspections & Consulting.

Tom Weber, Alder Creek Inspections & Consulting

Coming from a background in construction, people would ask about the importance of a home inspection.

It wasn’t until I personally started having health issues that I researched and studied what goes on ‘behind closed doors

When doing Home Inspections, I found many homes in bad shape with molds and bacteria that were making families sick.

As owner of Alder Creek, I wanted to help and studied Ozone Treatments and Radon testing. Alder Creek is constantly trying to improve our services by enlisting in courses we feel can make our services better to the clients.

We’ve been doing it for 35 years and continue to offer many services to help new and older homes get healthier and therefore the people who live in the homes.

That makes everyone sleep better!

Alder Creek Inspections % Consulting

Alder Creek Inspections & Consulting

A One Time treatment we call "OZONE SHOCK THERAPY" eliminates these toxins and odors, purifying your indoor air making it safe for your child or pets to breathe freely.

Alder Creek can test for:

  • Indoor Air Quality of the Home
  • Mold Spores in the Home
  • In-Wall Testing Capabilities for Mold
  • Asthma Triggers
  • Tape Swabs
  • Allergen Triggers in the home and office
  • Radon content of the building or home we live and work in. Radon is a great concern for families living in today's homes and places of work.

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Alder Creek Inspections & Consulting

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