They say belly fat is a sign detox is needed, maybe RestoreChi can help

They say belly fat is a sign detox is needed, maybe RestoreChi can help

According to The Truth About Detox, if someone is carrying excess weight around their middle, this is a sign their system is sluggish, and detox is needed....

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In The Truth About Detox, they explain that "if someone is carrying weight around their mid-section, then they are also carrying toxins, because if they were toxin-free, their body would simply clear the excess fat, and likely the fat is there to protect the body as much as it can from the toxins, by wrapping these toxins in fat".

I know when I lost a lot of weight in my mid 20s I actually experienced a manic episode and some delirium, possibly because I used a lot of drugs (including acid) when I was a teenager, and I think the weight-loss may have triggered a mass release of these chemicals back into my system!

So, how can RestoreChi help?

Well, in The Truth About Detox, they outline the body's natural pathways for keeping the body free of toxins, namely, the:

- colon

- kidney

- liver

- lymphatic system, and

- skin

They also talk about congestion in the:

- lungs, sinuses, etc

...and how this congestion is more easily cleared through bowel movements (if the organs mentioned above are functioning properly).

In fact, I asked Master Yan in one of our trainings what his thoughts were on traditional detoxes/cleanses vs RestoreChi and he said: "RestoreChi can access areas that the traditional cleanses can not, and the traditional cleanses assume the organs are functioning well enough to process the cleanse, whereas RestoreChi does not have to rely on this assumption as it corrects the organ function and then the organ does the detox by simply resuming its natural job!"

So, if you are carrying excess weight around your mid-line, here are the RestoreChi tracks to consider using, based on your symptoms (of course):

- Liver Gallbladder Pancreas Enhance

- Phlegmatic

- Spleen dampness (phlegmatic)

- Liver Detox (also good for cleaning blood and the skin)

- Kidney Function Enhance

- Reconnect 5 organs and Enhance

- Full Healing

And potentially (depending on your symptoms and what is driving them):

- Central Governing

- Cell Balance

- Front Line Service Professional

- Fire Water Body Balance

- Sugar Balance

- Belt Meridian

- Lymph Balance and/or Thyroid (but please proceed with caution for these two tracks, as the Lymphatic and Thyroid systems are powerful and hold onto a lot of virus and bacteria that you do not want to casually re-release into your system, see "How to overcome the challenging physical symptoms of spiritual growth" for my personal experience on what can happen with Lymphatic drainage if you are not well prepared)

Please do not attempt this on your own, without training or working with a certified RestoreChi practitioner! As you can see from above, this is not a straight forward procedure, and you may need adjustments based on your specific presentation of symptoms and response to the tracks.

This is just another example of how you can use RestoreChi in your everyday life.

If you have specific questions on how RestoreChi might be able to support you and your family, please feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you!


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