RestoreChi for parents who want their kids to have more regular bowel movements

RestoreChi for parents who want their kids to have more regular bowel movements

Many parents are very concerned about the frequency of their children's bowel movements. RestoreChi offers a very gentle way to improve this situation...

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As I allude to in the article "Mom and Baby birth recovery using RestoreChi", using the Phlegmatic track from to clear my newborn's blocked tear duct, may also be related to her being the most regular (and efficient) of all my children with her bowel movements. I know with myself, playing the Phlegmatic track can often change my daily bowel movements from once a day to up to three times a day (which is what many health experts say is ideal).

I never really understood the concern many parents have to get their children to have regular bowel movements. I thought we are all unique, and so long as there is sufficient down time, kids (and anyone) will poo when they need to.

But, after learning more about how we are supposed to detox our body, through regular bowel movements, I see the importance of getting this to be a more regular process.

However, there are many ways that the medical experts and parents take to try to do this. I have heard horror stories of bleeding butts, pain, strain, stress, ultrasounds, hospital visits, and even surgery.

With my kids, I started with prunes and then moved to using tiny doses of NatMur (a homeopathic in their water, under recommendation, guidance, and supervision from a Naturopath). I found this to be very effective, but it would take a day or so to have its effect. And it was often a "wait and see" kind of situation. Where, if we went 2-3 days with no poo, I would start and continue this protocol until we had a bowel movement. Sometimes I would continue to run this protocol for a while, but often, because it was extra work, I would stop, and simply wait until the next stretch of 2-3 days with no poo to start it up again.

With the RestorChi Phlegmatic track its so easy! This track has so many applications, you can easily run it whenever you want. Knowing that what it does is to simply support your body to do what it does naturally, detox by clearing any congestion that may be present. You don't have to wait for a long stretch of time with no poo to start this protocol, and there seems to be no negative side effects to running this track (unlike other solutions where you have to be careful not to over do it).

As a parent, it is nice to have simple solutions that, from what I can see, cause no harm, and can support the body of all family members (even the pets), to do what they do naturally, and detox through regular bowel movements.

P.S., slimy, smelly, or yucky poos when using RestoreChi tracks are common, and not necessarily a cause for concern. They are most likely just a sign that your body probably really needed that detox and is saying "Thank you!"

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