Why do you use so many modalities? Isn't this overwhelming for a new client?

Why do you use so many modalities? Isn't this overwhelming for a new client?

I wrote an article that explains how my services fit together to provide a more complete solution for my clients, and a reader asked me the following question:

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In the article "This is how life works..." I explain how Soul Contract, Human Design, Astrology, Gene Keys, and Divine Healing fit together to support people to live a life that is more aligned, enjoyable, and fulfilling, and how they can support their children to grow in a healthy environment, where it is OK to be themselves.

A reader posed a very good question. She said: "You offer so many wonderful services. I love how you incorporated each service into the other. I am just wondering if it may be overwhelming for a new/curious spiritual person to grasp all of the amazing things you do. Maybe you could add a sentence in the beginning that you offer many modalities and why?"

Well, this article is for you!

The reason I use multiple modalities is: people are very complex, we have many layers, and each of these modalities is like a lens that we can look through to see who we really are.

If you imagine that every person lives in a cube, every time you use a new modality, you get to examine that person from another side of the cube.

One modality would show the front-on view, the next from the back, then from the left, then from the right, then from the top, and then from the bottom. I was told you actually need 8 distinct views in order to see a person fully and clearly.

My services considers 6 views.

Here is a venn diagram that shows how the modalities I use fit together to show a more complete picture of each person's unique psychology and energetic make-up.

Imagine if I only looked through one of these lenses, how much of the picture we would be missing!

soul contract, human design, gene keys, astrology, divine healing, messages from the body

Venn diagram of how all the modalities I use fit together to show a more complete picture of each person's unique psychology and energetic make-up.

Let me give you an example...

If I wanted to understand what is most important for my health, this is what each of the modalities that I use would tell me:

My Human Design:

Why do you use so many modalities? Isn't this overwhelming for a new client?

My Human Design

You can see that the triangle on the left is coloured in. This means: by the time I notice that I am sick, I am probably quite sick, and I may need stronger medication than someone who does not have this triangle coloured in. In addition, it is less likely that my symptoms are a reflection of the symptoms of the people around me.

Secondly, you can see that the bottom four right shapes are not coloured in. This means I have no sustainable energy of my own.

Finally, you can see that, in the top left, the second arrow points R-right. This means: I am intended to be relaxed and still in my environment, so I can absorb the information around me.

This is a very different picture from what you would see in my Astrology:

Why do you use so many modalities? Isn't this overwhelming for a new client?

My Natal Astrology

My natal astrology shows that I have my moon on the left-hand horizontal line. This means it is on my ascendant.

A moon on one's ascendant is someone who is incredibly intuitive. And, as it turns out, even though my Human Design would say that I do not feel the physical symptoms of others, my Astrology over-rides this, as, not only do I feel the symptoms of others, I feel them before I have even met them. As soon as there is a possibility that someone may come to me as a client, I start to process their symptoms, so that when they do come I have some answers for them, having taken how they feel and what they are experiencing into consideration.

A second contrast is my natal astrology shows Aries on the left hand-side, with my ascendant and moon in Aries.

Traditionally, this is someone who needs a lot of exercise in order to maintain good health. This is because Aries is a spring sign. It is eager, has little patience, is go go go, and it is ruled by Mars (who is traditionally full of passion and ready for a fight).

Yes, in theory, we all need exercise. But, contrast this with a Human Design of someone who has no sustainable energy of her own, and we have a bit of a problem.

It seems I have the personality of someone who is eager to fight for what I believe in, but I don't have the body/energy to back it up!

This is probably why, in my Gene Keys below, you will see my Evolution (green circle on the far right) is about learning to balance selfishness with selflessness - yes, I want to fight the good fight, but, if I don't take care of myself first, I am going to burn out!

This is echoed in my Human Design, above, as I am a Projector.

Projectors represent 20% of the population who can see the big picture and are here to guide others. Unfortunately the price to be able to play this role is a high risk for burnout. As a result, most projectors can only work part-time.

For those of you who understand Astrology, I know I didn't touch on chiron (the wounded healer) in my 1st house, or my north node (destiny) and Pluto (the ultimate truth which we can not escape) in my 6th house (the house traditionally associated with health). I chose to leave this out for now, because I don't want to overwhelm you. Smile.

Lets look a little more at my Gene Keys:

Why do you use so many modalities? Isn't this overwhelming for a new client?

My Gene Keys

You can see that my Radiance (green circle on the far left, which drives Health and Well-being), is driven by me stepping into my natural role as a Leader. If I shy away from this, I am going to get sick!

Finally, from a Soul Contract perspective:

Why do you use so many modalities? Isn't this overwhelming for a new client?

My Soul Contract

Here we look at the Physical and Spiritual Goals, and the Soul Destiny to see what is needed for Health and Fulfillment, as well as red flags anywhere that can derail my health.

I won't read the entire contract for you here, as that would certainly overwhelm you! But to give you a few highlights, my Soul Contract shows - I need to step into my power, I need to share my work with mainstream society, I need to connect people and make them feel whole, and I need to write from my personal experience.

So, you can see, the simple question of "what is important for my health?" receives a very different answer, depending on the lens you are looking through, and looking through multiple lenses provides a much richer and more complete answer to the question.

Divine Healing adds to this, by connecting to my divine healing team to answer questions about my health.

And Messages from the Body allows me to look up every physical symptom that I am experiencing, to understand the psychological reason behind each symptom, so I can try to overcome it from that perspective, as well.

And, to answer the second part of my reader's question: "won't the reader/client get overwhelmed?"

The client has the option to be as overwhelmed as he/she wants to be! You do not need to know what system I need to look into to find your answer, you simply need to book a free, no obligation, 15min consultation, here, and ask your question.

I am skilled and experienced enough to know where the answer is most likely to reside, or to say lets look at all modalities to see what is most relevant to your question.

When I say "it is up to the client how overwhelmed they want to be", this is what I mean:

My clients receive a full recording of their session. They may choose to have a session that is mostly me providing them the answers (or the translations from their charts). Or, they may choose to use their session to talk about how what is in the charts applies to their life (this is often the more healing approach).

I respect my clients, their intelligence, their time, their money, and their choice!

In any case, the client needs to engage with the information, contemplate how it applies to their life, and experiment with making changes to see what works better for them, or their family.

Often it is helpful to have someone to speak with as you go through this process (such as myself), but if the client can not afford to do this, even with the sliding scale fees that I offer, I am happy to point them in the right direction to do as much as they can on their own.

So, this is why I use so many modalities, and this is why it is your choice to become overwhelmed, or to trust that I've got you.

I have studied these modalities 24/7 for the past 4-5yrs. I have applied them to my family and worked with hundreds of clients. I know what I am doing, and I am learning more and more everyday.

I will provide you with the level of detail and support that you need or that you ask for.

And, if you prefer, you can forget about the modalities I use, and simply focus on the problems I can solve.

The reason I show you the modalities is: so that you can see this is not made up, there are solid, printable, maps, which I am reading in order to guide you. Much like using multiple x-rays in order to diagnose the unique source and resolution for whatever problem you are looking to resolve.

If you continue to have questions or concerns, please ask. The consultation is free. There is no obligation. I am here, and I am happy to answer your questions. Because when you ask, I get an opportunity to learn how to explain myself better.

Gratitude to those brave enough to speak up.

Love, Bless, and Strong,

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology (Stress & Health)

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