Where is Alahnnaa Campbell of You Have A Life Plan going?

Where is Alahnnaa Campbell of You Have A Life Plan going?

It is time to say farewell, but before I go, I wanted to say THANK YOU, and let you know where to find me if you want to keep in touch...

Its been a wonderful experience to be a part of the Healthy Life Burlington magazine!

I wanted to say a special thank you to each of you whom I have had the pleasure to get to know one on one.

This includes:

- Steve Thode and Ryan Snelling, thank you for taking the time to read my articles, recognizing my skills as a writer, seeing that I really care about children and families and offer a cutting edge service to support them, and inviting me to be a part of the Healthy Life Burlington team!

- Lee Pryke, thank you for taking the time to transform my long and often controversial posts into something that might be better received (and more likely to be read and shared) by the general public and fellow team members.

- Greg Klym, of everyone in this group, I think you understood my message the most, especially when it comes to supporting people struggling with mental health. Thank you for the recognition and shares. I also value the work you do and know some clients really do benefit from having a male coach or meditation facilitator. I will continue to keep you in mind when the opportunity arises.

- Dr Kristen Wooton ND, it was a pleasure to meet with you one on one to share what we each have to offer. Sorry I never made it out to your clinic, but I may one day. I love that you respect your clients enough to offer them what they are looking for to begin with, and then you open the door for them to find what they might really need, once they are with you. A very smart and respectful approach!

Crystal Leochko, I really value that you are spreading awareness about the difficult experiences many women go through in order to try to get pregnant via fertility treatments, through Blooming Hopes, as well as the time and effort you put in to create networking events and opportunities for us to give back to the community, through initiatives like the Angel Project.

Liza Bouchard-Bain, when we met as a group over lunch and you met my colleague Alie Amaral who provides HeartCentered support to women going through divorce, you immediately thought of some of your clients that she might be able to support, and that shows me that you really care about your clientele.

Andrea Marczenko, I know you to be an amazing mother and friend, your services make people feel good on the outside, which we know is an important contributor to how they feel on the inside. Thank you for all you do!

- Steve Smith, I really enjoyed and found this article to be very useful, about the different types of water filtration systems and the benefits of each.

- Naiomi Gardner, I really appreciate the story of what led you and your daughter to create your health-based juice business, and I am here if anyone in your family ever wants to talk about the "why me, why us?" of your situation. You are certainly a gift to the community! Thank you!

- Likewise, Kathleen Hayden, you know how much I value your services. To get people to clear clutter from their home and their life is such a gift and boost to their mental health and well-being. One day, we may hire you!

- Meghan Manzo (homeopath and registered nurse), thank you for reaching out to me when I was suffering from many weeks of lack of sleep and headaches through pregnancy. You truly care, and you have amazing quirky shares on your social media, which I really enjoy!

- Dr Matt Lindsay, I don't think we met directly, but knowing you work with Dr Rachel Carson, I am sure you are providing a quality, well-rounded, holistic service, with your clients' best interest at heart. Rachel does an excellent job to support her social media community, here is but one example of the invaluable service she provides!

Louise Gleeson, freelance writer and author for Britton Orthodontics, the way you value the privacy, safety, health, and well-being of your employees is really a beautiful example to follow, thank you!

Amber Korobkina, I value how much you support your fellow Healthy Life Burlington entrepreneurs, the free service you provide to the babies of your clients, and the solid training you provide to other Bowen practitioners!

-  And Debbie Fazio, the "Bump 2 Baby" magazine that you are a part of seems to provide important information for new moms, especially in the prenatal-postnatal (healing and adjustment) period. I value the training you have and the work that you do, so that parents can enjoy their time with their young family as much as possible. My services tend to be more for parents who realize the mainstream way of doing things does not work for their child and they are willing to try something alternative (and more respectful of their child's unique psychology). If you ever want to learn more about my services, should you come across someone in need, here is a summary of the areas I tend to specialize in: "Alahnnaa Campbell specializes in..."

So, I think that is it for the personalized Thank You's. I hope I have not missed anyone, and I am sorry I didn't get to know more of you.

As for where to find me: You can always find me through my website, my personal blog, You Have A Life Plan magazineYouTube channel, Facebook pages for individuals and parents, and LinkedIn.

In addition, fellow spiritual practitioners Alie Amaral (Mediator, HeartCentred Living Coach, Human Rights Specialist, ThetaHealing and Mindfulness Practitioner), Marina George (Radical Forgiveness Coach, and much more), and I will be starting a new magazine on Klusster, called Practical Spiritual Services, which will provide "authentic reviews and information about the practical applications of many spiritual services, for curious readers and people who want to make an informed decision about which spiritual service(s) may be the best fit for what they are looking for".

Come visit us, if you feel called, and feel free to continue to send me articles you think I might resonate with and be able to share.

I am still an avid supporter of Healthy Life Burlington, and Klusster.

keep in touch, support one another, entrepreneurship

I am just a stone throw away :)

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

Love, Bless, and Strong,

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

You Have A Life Plan!