This is how life works...

This is how life works...

Many people search for the meaning of life. I've been on this search for about 25yrs. Let me share what I've found...

You are born absolutely perfect. You are here to learn some key lessons that you could not learn on the other side of the veil. To ensure that you get to learn these lessons in this lifetime, you set yourself up with a Soul Contract. Some people have fairly simple and straight-forward Soul Contracts, and some people have Soul Contracts that reveal themselves layer after layer - as you work through one, another appears.

You also made some decisions on what kind of Human Design would be best suited to achieve your mission. Some of us came to be guides, some of us came to be leaders and part the seas to make things happen, some of us came to feel everything deeply, and some of us came to do work we love and to just feel satisfied, having enough energy to do so.

Everything was a trade off in planning this life.

You want “this” strength, then you have to take “this” weakness. You want “that” lesson, then you have to start with “this” shadow. You want to learn to overcome “X”, then you have to have a good dose of “X” in your childhood so you can spend the second half of your life undoing it and teaching others how this can be done.

On top of Human Design and Soul Contract, people also choose their Gene Keys (their unique pathway for development in this lifetime, a specific set of shadows that they may fall into, and how to transform each of their shadows, so they can step into a more positive form of the same energy and deliver their gifts), and their Astrology (timing for when each phase of their life is going to be challenged and when it is going to mature, unique to each individual, as well as more telltale signs of: who you were in a past life, what stood in your way then, who is on your side now, and who you are striving to become, and much more!).

Truly, this is all about self-acceptance. You are perfect. We are all a work in progress.

This is how life works...


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Through the first half of life, the experiences that we asked for layer onto us, until we become a thick onion. Then we reach a point where our biology can not hold it any more and we start to get sick. Our bodies say: “that is enough, it is time to start shedding those layers”.

How we do that is through Unconditional Love. On the Scale of Consciousness (below), Unconditional Love is the state of self-healing. How we get there is up to us.

This is how life works...

Scale of Consciousness

You can come for a Human Design, Soul Contract, Gene Keys, or Astrology reading and get the reassurance that you are perfect, you are a work in progress, and here is your unique pathway out of your misery and into your greatness.

Or you can come for a Divine Healing session, which is an invitation to your Healing Team to finally come in and say to you: “I love you, let me show you the way out, let me un-peel your onion, one layer at a time, so you can shine your light once again to inspire others”.

Our Healing Team, and God (if you believe), love us so much. They support us, and our decisions, and they wait patiently for the invitation to be of service, to come in and guide us, to where we wanted to be and what we wanted to do with this life.

Unfortunately, the sleep (or forgetting) program on this planet is heavy, and a lot of us get caught in ego, and lack-thinking, and we think we need to fight for love, when really, we only need to surrender to it and be grateful.

We also get very distracted and many of us resign ourselves to watching others live their lives, and forget to live our own.

I will not bore you with my story, its available on my website, in my blog, in my e-magazine, on Facebook, and on YouTube.

We ALL have a story, we all have pain, we all have an onion. None of us need to compare to the other on who has it better or worse.

In truth, in some weird way, the other doesn’t even exist, they are just a mirror for us to see where we are at, and we do the same for them. Its hard to understand and grasp, but its true.

So, all you have to do is remember who you are, why you are here, accept the love and direction that is being sent to you and through you.

If you are sick, that is a sign, if the world seems against you, that is a sign, if you feel in flow, that is a sign. There is no competition, there is only you, on your unique mission, and I hope you are able to wake up enough to see that.

And, when it comes to parenting, our kids chose us.

This is how life works...

Our kids chose us!

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Whatever we place on them is what they came for. That said, they also had faith in us, to potentially wake up, and provide an easier path for them, so their ego onion doesn’t have to become so heavy, so they won’t have to invest so much time in peeling their onion before they can step into their greatness.

I feel, in order to guarantee this, the kids nowadays have come in hyper-sensitive, so that, if we try to put our crap on them, they will react so strongly, that maybe we will get the message, and back off.

This is how life works...

Kids are pure Love

Kids are pure love, they are perfect. They may appear to have a disorder, that too is a message. Often our kids will process for us, as they are a mirror for us to see how clouded we have become.

So, if your child is sensitive, or sick, I highly recommend you thank them, and then ask yourself: “What could be causing my child to behave this way?  What could they be trying to tell me about their needs or limits? Where can I find more love for myself and them?”

Kids are such a gift because they remember that life was not always this fast-paced (life on the other side, that is). But, they are susceptible. If you force them, they will eventually catch the illness of society – go go go, compete compete compete, there is not enough for all, I need to be on top.

Just writing those words makes me feel ill.

So, embrace your gifts, your struggles, your lessons. Its all truly perfect.

I am here for you, if you are looking for someone to guide you to understand your onion, understand your kids’ onions, understand your role, and how to get out of where you have gotten yourself stuck, and most importantly, how to love and how to accept being loved.

We are here to work with our kids, not against them.

They have their own unique path, and our growth doesn’t end just because they have come into our lives.

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Its a parallel track!

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It’s a parallel track, and its a perfect fit, so we can learn from each other.

Kids are incredibly reasonable when you can see them in this way, through the eyes of unconditional love, understanding, trust, and support.

Its really that easy and that beautiful.

Enjoy your family, enjoy your gifts.

A reader's question/comment on this article: "You offer so many wonderful services. I love how you incorporated each service into the other. I am just wondering if it may be overwhelming for a new/curious spiritual person to grasp all of the amazing things you do. Maybe you could add a sentence in the beginning that you offer many modalities and why?"

The answer to this question/concern can be found here.

Love and Bless,

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress and Health)

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