Channeling with Debra Harding

Channeling with Debra Harding

I had the honour of experiencing a session facilitated by Debra Harding. Here is a taste of what the experience was like for me...

I went into the session not knowing what to expect. I knew Debra had an amazing reputation as a meditation facilitator, and I knew she was a veteran Reiki Master since the early 1990s. I also know, from my experience with several other Reiki practitioners, that no one practices this art in exactly the same way!

There was a very brief intake form, with no discussion about what I was hoping to address before the session (a common practice among mediums).

Debra created an amazing environment. It was viscerally darker in her studio than outside, which gives a clear signal to her clients' mind and physiology to "slow down".

Debra Harding, Reiki, Channeling, Sacred Vibrations

Ambiance of Debra Harding's Treatment Room

I, of course, did have intentions for my session, and they were, as follows:

1. I had my daughter in full time daycare for the sake of my health. I had been getting really tired lately and could not manage our old routine. Turns out, I didn't know it, but I was pregnant and this explained a lot. My concern was, because I was so sick in my pregnancy, I had to reduce my working hours, and this limited how much money I could make to afford to cover the daycare payments. I was wondering if I should pull her from care, but I knew if I was not well enough to work, I was certainly not well enough to have her home with me 24/7.

2. I can be a very controversial writer. I am very passionate about what I write and my message can be hard for many to hear. For a long time I have had this battle inside me - I want to be myself and express my truth, I want to make a difference in the world (especially for children and families), but I don't want to hurt others. A lot of people read my writing in secret, and some even reach out privately to thank me. But what the public sees is "crickets". No one comments, and I feel like I am hurting others or that they are tired of me going on and on, and yet, there is no one else for me to be, but me...

I share the above, so that you can see how supportive and accurate Debra session was for me.

I did not expect her to start channeling, I honestly only expected a few messages and some light-touch Reiki.

She was very intuitive from the get go. She sensed some tension in me and when I told her the pillow was a bit high for my head she removed it and re-adjusted the energy and we were good to go.

Channeling with Debra Harding

Debra Harding - Sacred Vibrations

She started by describing what she felt and saw around me - both in terms of energy/beings and sacred geometry.

Then she went to the position of whomever wanted to speak first.

In my case it was a guide by my right ear. The main message that it had for me was to take care of my body. This pretty much answered my first concern (listed above), even though I did not know how I would continue to pay for childcare, for now, it is a must for my health and well-being.

When Debra started to channel, I honestly had to review whether I trusted her to do this. I had had some bad experiences with psychics and mediums before (which I will describe elsewhere), and I had recently found out that because of my makeup and life mission, I have to give "security access" in order to get a decent reading from anyone, otherwise, most likely all they can read on me is garbage.

This was my thought process:

- I am here

- I trust Debra

- I have seen videos and listened to podcasts of many amazing channels (including Lee Harris, Sheila Gillette, Joan Walker, Lee Carroll, and more). I felt I knew what a good channel felt and sounded like, and Debra was VERY good!

So, I gave her access. Whether I needed to or not, I figured I may as well remove all barriers to her being able to access what is in my highest and best good.

The second group who wanted to speak with me was to my left hand side, and they were the Shoshone Elders. I was not familiar with them before my session with Debra, but she explained to me that they were the elders of the village and they wanted to remind me that I was a storyteller. Some of the stories were mine to tell and some were literally given to me to tell. So it was important that I continue to share my stories, as this is my role. This certainly started to quell my second intention/concern listed above.

The next being who wanted to speak to me was Saint Germain, by my left foot.

Saint Germain

This is a being that I was quite familiar with because of my work as a Divine Healer. Basically you can use your mind/imagination to visually run a purple/violet flame through anything that is bothering you to purify it and create energetic Peace. Much like Archangel Micheal's energy.

Saint Germain wanted to remind me that we were friends in a prior life. In that life no one listened to me or supported my spiritual theories. He and I worked well together and we enjoyed learning from each other. His main message was: "you are living in a different time now, you no longer have the restraints on you that you did in the past, people will listen this time around". Again, this supported my second intent/concern, listed above.

The fourth being was by my right foot and it was an energy representing Nikola Tesla. I am actually more familiar with his work not as an energy inventor but in his current (re-) incarnation as Jim Self (a conscious spiritual traveler).

Jim Self, Nikola Tesla, consciousness

Jim Self (current incarnation of Nikola Tesla)

Jim Self remembers where he goes when he sleeps, and he has memories of things that only Nikola Tesla would know. A lot of what I write is given to me in my sleep.

The reason Debra brought up Nikola Tesla, was to remind me of his interest in inventions, the earth, and pioneers.

I am certainly a pioneer. Many of my concepts people are not ready to grasp yet, even though to me they seem simple and plain as day. I am also using cutting edge technology to give people access to their and their child's unique psychology - namely Soul Contract, Human Design, and Gene Keys.

Which reminds me, another reason Saint Germain showed up for me, was to remind me of his deep interest in reforming the education system.

Given that my children are 6.5yrs and 3.5yrs old, raised with respect and consciousness, the way the current public school system works feels incredibly offensive to the rights of the child, and this is one of the main topics of my writing. See an example, here: Can we raise kids without Shame, Guilt, Fear, Pride, and Desire? Can we school kids without grades or consequences?

The last group of beings that she mentioned being present were the Elementals (Gnomes, Fairies, etc.), all under my table.

This is interesting to me, as my Soul Contract (in fact, two of my 3 main soul contracts) carry dominant 8s. When you carry dominant 8s, this is your "reminder" from the Universe:

Soul Contract

Dominant 8s - Soul Contract

Interestingly, I have been watching Once Upon A Time lately, which is all about this kind of magic. And a few days after my session with Debra, I ended up taking training in Aqualead level 1, which I wrote more about here: Aqualead opens the door to Elemental Magic.

Debra closed the session by going back to the sacred geometry around my body, the energy that was processing through it, and an object in my right hand (which I could feel and know to be a reminder of what is and is not possible in this physical realm).

sacred geometry

Sacred Geometry

So, as you can see, my session with Debra not only answered my initial intentions and questions, but also gave me food for thought for my next steps.

After the session we sat together, pulled a few oracle cards, and had a lovely conversation.

It was a lovely and insightful experience which I would highly recommend.

Like I said, I am very wary of psychics, mediums, and channels. It takes a lot to trust when someone has access to something that you do not. It is critical that you run everything through your own lens of discernment and don't just go blind on faith. Debra passes this "test" in my books, and I am grateful!

You can learn more about her sessions here: Sacred Vibrations.

Love, Bless, Strong, and so much gratitude for solid spiritual practitioners like Debra Harding, who had the courage to take something like Reiki, which is generally a light touch therapy, and turn it into something so magical and unique.