The Mystic Tree supports youths in our community

The Mystic Tree supports youths in our community

There is a big gap in supporting youths in our community, and The Mystic Tree is there to catch those who are looking for support and guidance.

There is no end to the ways society puts down youths today. What they forget, is that these are the youths THEY have created. And when I say created, I mean, they have molded them to forget who they really are.

Check out this list of "Hey Young Adults, Did you know?" created by one of our practitioners at The Mystic Tree.

If you are a youth, who is in pain, or lost, or looking for friends, or support, that can guide you (not online, but in person), we have an amazing opportunity for you.

We are going to start a youth drop-in that will meet as often as needed to support you to understand:

- Your emotions

- How people affect you and how to protect yourself and advocate for your needs

- Why you had the experiences you did

- Who you are meant to be

- What your real strengths are

- How to accept and love yourself, unconditionally, because we are ALL a work in progress

- We can also talk about sex, relationships, or anything else that is on your mind.

This is a SAFE space, for you to discover who you REALLY are, and its ALL good, we promise!

Drop-in sessions are by donation. Give what you can (ballpark $10-20 per 1-2hr session).

You can also contact Alahnnaa directly, if you prefer to work with her one-on-one. Go here to book a free, no obligation, 15min consultation!

Let her know you found out about her service through The Mystic Tree. Lets build our community!

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Forget Self-Esteem (which fluctuates), lets aim for full Self-Acceptance (which never falters)!

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