Meet the Owner of The Mystic Tree

Meet the Owner of The Mystic Tree

The Mystic Tree is a new spiritual store in the Lakeside Plaza (13-5353 Lakeshore Road) near the south Oakville-Burlington border.

How Alison's intention manifested The Mystic Tree

In November 2017, while visiting her best friend in St Joseph, Missouri, they decided to visit a Mental Institution Museum, knowing there would be interesting things to explore there. When they left the museum, her friend had an entity attached to her, that they knew they had to get rid of. St Joseph is in the Bible Belt, but they knew they needed to find a metaphysical store. They looked online and found one right around the corner. When they went in, it was empty, there was next to nothing on the shelves. They just barely found what they needed. So, when they left, Alison made the comment "I could do better than that!" and hence the birth of The Mystic Tree.

After opening, her friend from high school, reminded her, that this has always been her dream job. The intention was set 20yrs ago, and now here it is!

Alison is someone who is incredibly easy to talk to, honest, supportive, and can guide you to the practitioner or product that would best suit your needs. She is never about making more than her fair share, be it in product sales or collaboration. The discounts she receives, she passes on, if you don't make money running services out of her store, neither does she. Its a TRUE team effort. She is also very selective of who comes in (product or practitioner). They have to feel like a good fit for the store and her clients.

At The Mystic Tree we pride ourselves on authentic services that you can trust. And non competition.

Because of owner Alison Bajona's Human Design, The Mystic Tree functions as a mountain, which we can climb to get away from the nitty-gritty of life and just be with some good people.

Because of the Soul Contract behind the business name, when you come to The Mystic Tree you may discover new and deep things about yourself, you may connect to your truth and intuition, and you will certainly have an opportunity to step into your power. It is a very catalytic energy at The Mystic Tree, for those who are ready to ground, be supported, and take their next positive step in their lives.

support, grounded spirituality, trust, team

We can do this, together!

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash