Time is Art

Time is Art

A lot of people worry about time and money. But time and money do not work the same for everyone. And the common view of time and money is making us sick!

Do you stop yourself from doing what you love, or learning something new, because there is not enough time or money?

Has someone told you that you have to save for a rainy day and you need to earn things in life etc?

Did you know that we are all unique in our money and time lessons?

Did you know the universe actually speaks to you in real time?

Here are some examples: When you are expecting someone to come take care of your kids and they are late, or when the internet goes down, or an internet call is dropped, or something you type gets deleted, these are all messages from the universe, suggesting that you may need to find better timing, or you need a break, or there is something else for you to experience in this moment.

Ekhart Tolle is famous for saying there is no past, there is no present, the only time is now.

I believe it was Jim Self in his interview with Regina Meredith on Gaia TV that said "time is becoming less stable". Meaning that more can be accomplished in what seems like a limited amount of time. There is even a powerful protection prayer that ends in: "knowing I have all the time in the world to get everything done that really needs to be done..."

According to José Argüelles (the person who coined the term used in the title of this article) "Gregorian Time disconnects us from our natural rhythms", and I have noticed more and more devices being put on the market telling people when to drink and how much to eat, when our bodies already do all this naturally - here's a great audio on the topic to re-orient you to YOUR truth.

Carlos Barrios published an amazing book "The Book of Destiny" about the Mayan culture. The Mayans follow at least 20 different calendars to know how to live a life aligned to their true gifts and purpose, that is also in alignment with the earth and all of its cycles. In his book he says when a child is born, they look up his or her destiny and raise the child accordingly, regardless of the family the child is born into.

Here is a quote from his book:

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Mayan children are raised to fulfill their destiny

The Book of Destiny - Carlos Barrios

Dr David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., shared the following quote in his book, The Eye of the I:

life purpose, soul contract, human design, astrology, gene keys, enlightenment

Once you know your life purpose (dharma), you will never be satisfied pursuing anything else!

The Eye of the I - Dr David R Hawkins

Many systems talk about the concept of a stupa (see image below). We all come for certain lessons and we continue to face the same challenge or lesson, in different forms, again and again, until we master it. The beauty of knowing yourself (or your child, or someone you love), through the systems that I use with my clients, is you know what stupas they/you are climbing, what to expect, and how to support them. And when you learn how to climb your mountains, that becomes the gift that you can teach others!

soul contract, life challenges, enlightenment, focus on what's important, life purpose

Know what mountains you are here to climb, so you can focus on what is important to YOU!

Your Soul Contract Decoded - Nicolas David Ngan

With the combination of systems that I offer my clients, you can get a very good sense of what you came here to do, how to take care of yourself, and how to see your life in context.

Including your challenges with time and money.

In addition, I have sadly had to visit a few nursing homes lately, and have heard about others. As you can imagine, they are not nice places to end up, and this is not the state of health and happiness that most of us strive to be in at the end of our lives. And then I think about how the native communities take care of their elders and seek them for their wisdom.

We don't seek wisdom from our elderly in the western world. Why?

The only thing I can think of is we are not living our life purpose!

By the time most of us reach end of life, we have bought into the system for so long, we have not lived our dreams, we have not given our gifts, we are just sick, and our kids (now grown adults) do not respect us, and all we do is fight, and everyone is trying to do it different, competing to be better than another at the same game, instead of being ourselves, supporting our kids to be themselves, spending our life mastering our craft, so that when we are old people do look to us for wisdom, because we are not broken down, but strong with wisdom.

I look at some astrologers and spiritual guides who die happy, old, wise, and respected. Leaving a lot of their hard earned wisdom for generations to come. This, I feel, should be all of us!

I am certainly not perfect. When I am not feeling well, I retreat, work on myself, and get strong. This is why you may see me disappear, and you may not see me express my imperfect side all the time, though sometimes, despite my best efforts, I know it shows.

If I were perfect, I would not be learning any lessons, and if I am not learning any lessons, I have nothing to teach. We all have our own journeys, we all have our own lessons, and that is how we earn our gifts.

Time is not money, time is art.

What are you doing with your time, with your money?

Are you moving forward, toward happiness, growth, and fulfillment?

Are you waking every day excited for what you can accomplish?

Can you watch yourself react and at the same time mentally pause to re-evaluate if you want to continue this course of action (because maybe your ego feels it deserves the revenge), or if it is possible for you to change your course of action in a direction that may allow your soul to grow and see something amazing and new?

If no, and if this interests you... I am always here to point you in the right direction. No pressure, no rush, but the sooner, the better, for your sake, because Time is Art.

live your life purpose

Time is Art

Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

Love and Blessing

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology, Specializing in Stress and Health