Every person is in our life for a reason

Every person is in our life for a reason

Have you ever heard that we tend to marry someone who is just like our opposite sex parent, in order to finish working through our lessons of childhood?

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For me this is SO true. It  is actually SO true that I even manifested a coach who also sat on the same spectrum. And its beautiful!

Between my father, husband, and ex-coach, I was able to experience 3 different aspects of a similar archetype. One that will challenge me so that I can express myself better.

And I am not just speaking metaphorically. Although the book/CD by Harville Hendrix called Getting the Love You Want does a good job explaining it from a psychological standpoint. I have actually SEEN it in our Human Designs!

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Human Design Mandala

For the sake of their privacy, I will not point out exactly where they sit, but, in Human Design, where the Sun and Earth sit in the sky when you are born and 3 months before makes a perfect 90 degree angle cross. This cross determines a lot about your life theme.

My dad, husband, and ex-coach all sat on the SAME cross, with their birth sun on a different corner of that cross. If I were born 2 weeks later, I would also sit on the 4th and final corner of the same cross. This is NOT a coincidence. This is me, really trying to learn to work with this archetype!

And it is also a blessing, because what I can not find a way to work out with my dad, I may be able to work out with my husband, and if not I might have been able to get some insight into why this was happening from my ex-coach.

They are all different pieces and different angles of the same life path. And if I can find healing with my ex-coach or husband, then the effect can also be applied to my dad, and vice versa. This is truly a beautiful gift for all of us.

And not just that. I also have someone in my life who sits exactly on my cross, with their birth sun at a different corner. We also have some other major similarities in our Human Design, Soul Contract, and life. We are so similar!

And I am sure you have heard that two people who are very similar often do not get along, because each is a true mirror of everything in themselves that they would rather hide.

Well, its true. This was a very hard relationship, and continues to take a good dose of love and kindness for me to be in. But it is also a gift.

I did a great exercise with my friend, ThetaHealing practitioner, Alie Amaral. In this exercise, I was taken to a Theta brainwave state, where I was to picture someone that I wanted to forgive, as if they were standing in front of me. I was to say everything I felt I needed to say to this person, and then; if they said sorry and walked away, I could take this as "on some level they are sorry"; if they just disappeared, I could take this as "they are not sorry, but this is ok, because I have let them go"; and if they just stood there, I would know "they are there for a reason: a soul agreement, in order to support my growth".

Every person is in our life for a reason

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Of course, the person I mention above, who is so similar to me, stayed put! This confirmed that she was here to teach me something, but maybe not in the way that she thought.

I decided to really apply the lessons I had learned from The Four Agreements:

1- Be impeccable with your word

2- Don't take anything personally

3- Don't make assumptions, and

4- Always do your best.

And, I decided that it was OK for me to:

- take my time,

- tomorrow is always another day to try again,

- be kind with myself in the process, and

- that it was ok for me to work with this person in small doses.

I decided that none of these needs made me a bad person. And I would try not to beat myself up, if I could not act in the way that I would have liked to around this person, because big lessons take a while to unravel!

I also decided to contact my friend, Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach Marina George, to try to move through this process with more speed and ease.

We all deserve love, especially when we are dealing with challenging relationships that support our growth.

It is beautiful to see how my services (of understanding how each person's unique psychology interacts with another, so we don't have to take the friction we feel around them so personally), blend so well with the services offered by fellow Practical Spiritual Services e-magazine co-founders:

Alie Amaral (HeartCentered Coach, Mediator, Human Rights Specialist, ThetaHealer, Mindfulness, and Ho'ponopono Practitioner), and

Marina George (Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Colour Mirrors Oracle Card Reader - Individual & Family Readings).

There is a reason the three of us got together to deliver this high quality magazine to our readers - because our services fit so well together, each offering a different piece to the puzzle, so we can master our challenging relationships, with the utmost grace and ease, and claim the lesson/gift!

We would love to hear your thoughts!

If you are curious to take a peak at the dynamics present in your relationships, to see what lessons you may be trying to learn from one another, so you can move forward from conflict into love, go here and book a FREE no obligation 15min consultation with me.

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain!

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Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

Love and Bless, Strong Light!

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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