Can a round peg fit in a square hole?

Can a round peg fit in a square hole?

Have you ever tried to force something to happen, or not even bother trying, because you know you can not (or do not want to) do it like the others do?

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When I got married 7 years ago, part of my mom's wedding speech was to share a story with our friends and family of the one time she saw me fail. Imagine how I held my breath as I listened to what she thought was appropriate to share on my wedding day...

But do you know what it was?

When I was about 2 years old I was given a wooden block shape sorter with hammer. Something very similar to this:

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Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole?

My mom had put me to bed, but shortly after, she heard me up, very frustrated, and yelling "in, in, in, in", and when she came up to check on me, she found me on the floor trying to force a square peg into a round hole, and this was what was keeping me up at night.

Have you ever been in this situation? Trying to force something to happen that just won't go the way you want? Ever get interrupted on 7 separate occasions when you are trying to compose an email? - Clearly the universe is telling you you are not ready to send that email...

At the time of my wedding, I had already gone through several degrees and several major career changes. But my mom felt my Masters in Psychology (specializing in Stress and Health), was proof that I had finally learned that a square peg can not fit in a round hole.

However, that lesson took more years to learn and I finally only grasped it when I found the tools that I use today in my practice. Because now I can clearly see who I am, and that my difference is my strength, and its the same for everyone. We can not follow blanket advice, we are all different!

If you are an entrepreneur, or trying to live your life purpose, or even just trying to be human, you may have, at times, tried to force things that were not easily going your way. Like this image below:

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The will to make it work verses allowing the universe to guide you to the path of least resistance

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Sure, this plant has grit and determination, and maybe this is how this kind of plant is meant to grow, but there may be a more friendly environment to grow in, there may be better timing, there may be an easier way?

I am not saying life should be easy, but it is good to take the subtle, and not so subtle, hints that the universe and your body sends you when maybe you are going down the path of resistance. Your soul may be so determine to go a certain way in life that it will "ask" the universe to make all other doors a little harder to open until you accept the path you came here to take.

We are all on a mission. Do you know yours?

That is where my work comes in. I use multiple systems to share with you many aspects of yourself, that are undeniable, and in the end you will know how to navigate your life, using all your strengths and super powers, and you won't need anyone to tell you the "normal" or "most effective" way to do it, because YOUR way is already perfect and unique to you.

We are not all the same and it is mad making to try to be like someone else, when you can just be you. Doesn't that sound (and feel) better?

I've had so many clients say "I'd love to do X but I just don't have the time and ability to do it the way they say you should". In response to this I say "So don't do it their way, do it your way, use your unique strengths, follow your unique guidance, listen to your signs from the universe".

Don't blindly follow anyone else's blanket approach unless they took the time to get to know you and see how you are built. I offer very different guidance to each of my clients because they are all different, and what will work for one will very likely not work for another. Its a journey, a learning process, and we can be in it together, for a while, until you get your bearings and then you don't even need me anymore.

Love, blessings, and best wishes on whatever path you choose. And know that whatever path feels right to you right now, is the right one, for you, right now, and that can always change.

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology

Soul Contract and Human Design Specialist

You Have A Life Plan

Live Life with Grace and Ease

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