Want to put an end to suffering in the western world?

Want to put an end to suffering in the western world?

There's a lot of talk lately about depression, anxiety, and abuse, and it is sad that it is so prevalent. Do you know the number one way to fight this epidemic?

I saw these two videos and I thought, wow, it is sad what society does to our kids...

The Mask You Live In (trailer) - What society does to our boys

...and what the media does to our women, which obviously trickles down to how girls feel about themselves, and how boys start to think girls should be treated...

Miss Representation - What the media feels they have the right to say about women

This is wrong on SO many levels. And I would like to believe, its not really that bad. But then I walk my son to school and I hear how kids talk to each other. Something as small as not catching a ball that is thrown is met with all kinds of insults on a person's character. They learn that from somewhere.

And how do we fight this? How do we build strong kids that won't let anyone push them around, or abuse them? How do we make our kids resilient to anxiety and depression?

We actually look at how are they designed, how does the world affect them, what is and is not a reasonable expectation for each child, and we remind them daily of their strengths and we Support Their Light. Every single day! We advocate for them, and we don't let anyone tell them otherwise, until they are old/strong enough to do this for themselves.

The techniques and strategies that I use in my business do just that for my clients.

I know, a lot of us judge ourselves pretty harshly. We don't have to do this anymore, and we certainly do not need to pass this legacy onto our kids. Enough is enough! I never want to hear comments like what I hear in the videos above again, it is NOT ok to talk to anyone like this! Regardless of whether they are famous, accomplished, in the public eye, or just the kid next door.

Lets be kind to each other and ourselves, and make this world a better place. This can only happen when we see and Support each other's light.

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Love and Blessings,

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology

Soul Contract and Human Design Specialist

Support Their Light - A service for parents with sensitive kids.