So you like Oprah and Tony Robbins? Me too! Here's why...

So you like Oprah and Tony Robbins? Me too! Here's why...

I often asked myself, why do people fall over themselves to meet celebrities? What is so great about Tony Robbins or Oprah Winfrey? Well, lets take a look...

I know a lot of people who really look up to Oprah and Tony Robbins. I don't watch TV so I always wondered why? But lately, I have been watching inspirational clips that come through Facebook and email and YES, I do see their magic. And I do agree, it would be quite intense to be in their presence. But why?

Well, my Spiritual Teacher explained this to me...

When you see someone doing something so well you may feel intimidated, you may feel like you can never do what they do, you may feel like they are so great, but what you really feel is "Adoration". Adoration, because you recognize in them the light that is in all of us. Their light is shining through, and yours can too!

They may be in the spotlight, sharing what they know, supporting others, setting an example of what we all can do. That is their path. And I am grateful to see them doing that to inspire others. But we can all do that, we all have a path, we can all be great.

I have known for a while that Tony Robbins and my son have similarities in their Human Design. I have told myself on many occasions when I am having a hard time with my son to continue to see and Support His Light because he has the potential to get there, to be that great (all kids do!).

Tony Robbins, natural role model, trial and error, human design

Tony Robbins Human Design - from Genetic Matrix

What I didn't know, until this morning is Oprah has things in common with my daughter in her Human Design!

Oprah, natural, networker, triple split, inspiring, human design

Oprah Winfrey Human Design - from Genetic Matrix

I have two beautiful would be stars living in my house, under our care to foster and grow to believe in themselves and their potential. And we all do, all parents have kids with potential! This is not a sense of entitlement or misplaced pride, this is fact. Everyone has potential and that potential can come out when we see and Support Their Light!

I know, on the surface, you may look at these charts and say: "I can't read that, I don't know what that means". Well, I can read them and I can tell you what it means, and I can tell you what parts are relevant for YOU, and YOUR KIDS.

These icons, who are in their truth can show us the way, but the magic is what is in YOU, what is in YOUR KIDS. That is what is most relevant to you.

If you want to learn more about YOU and YOUR FAMILY, please get in touch.

Here are some great links for Tony Robbins and Oprah, so you too can see the magic, the adoration, but when you are done watching them, don't forget to turn that adoration onto yourself and your potential to do YOUR work and shine YOUR light, because that is what we are all here to do!

I am here if you have any questions!

Love and Blessings,

Alahnnaa Campbell, MSc Psychology

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