A newsletter you will want to sign up for!

A newsletter you will want to sign up for!

I received this newsletter this morning, and she is so right!

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I have been craving an alcoholic drink for the past few days, but I have opted to have a healthier drink (water or watered down juice instead) because I don't like how it feels to detox the toxins the next day, even from just one drink.

But I crave the disconnection from this world from time to time. To go down to hades and find a different perspective, or simply a break.

I've been waking into a nightmare for over a year. I can not believe this world has come to this, and I know, its because of the layers of unprocessed collective trauma. Just because I was never interested in mainstream stuff, and have just been "doing the work", doesn't mean everyone else has, and I don't yet know how to support them, or even if.

This morning, instead of my usual routine of getting showered, dressed, packing up and feeding my kids, making myself a healthy drink and supplements, I went for the coffee and toast with butter and cheese in my PJs that I crave.

Do I feel better having it now in my system, NO, NEVER, but its the act of love to self. That I do not have to be go go go, perfect perfect perfect, serve serve serve, all the time. I can crash, without trashing my self.

Sign up to the mail list above, Mona is such a delightful spirit, she is in it, doing the warrior work, and being of service, to those ready to come, and be real, as she suffers in the realness, along with you, but on her own path. I have many who send me profound things to consider, she is certainly in the top 5. She does things that are kinder than I could imagine doing my self. Is this good? Its her truth, and I honour that she can honour that.

Love and gratitude to you Mona Rasi/Rasea.