Decoding Content Ideas from Workplace

Decoding Content Ideas from Workplace
over 2 years ago

Here are some content ideas that can be derived from the workplace.

Content writing and marketing is not just about writing any article for the sake of publishing and inserting a link; it’s a method of convincing buyers and telling your brand’s story. It is defined as “the process of creating valuable, relevant content to attract, acquire and engage your audience.”

A content writer has to have skills on research, SEO knowledge, be adaptable, and up-to-date with what’s trending. With thousands of sources on the World Wide Web, running out of ideas is almost an impossible occurrence, right? Information about almost anything can be researched on the internet, but why do we still run out of concepts and ideas?

Originality is rare nowadays, so how can we make it work for content marketing campaigns? Where do we go when we seem to have run out of resources?

In case you forgot, the most valuable asset of an organization is the human resources. Apart from employees, clients can also enlighten you with awesome content ideas.

Consider the “What If’s”

Gather your coworkers/officemates together. Whether it’s an informal or formal meeting, is up to you. By now, you should all be comfortable enough with each other to pose and give each other genuine and honest answers. Have them respond to questions like “What if you were a site visitor, how will it make you click the buy button?” or What if your business proposal will get rejected again, what to do? This is one way to see a situation in different perspectives. Collected answers can be an excellent source of information for your next piece. Sometimes these hypothetical questions can be weird or mind boggling but this is fun to share.

Perform Surveys

Send out emails, instant messages or actual hardcopies of questionnaires to your colleagues. Your concerns will get feedback from the majority in no time. Chances are a few of them will come up with ideas that never even crossed your mind. You won’t always have the answers. Always be open to accepting help from others. By conducting surveys you give them individual freedom to express their thoughts and feelings regarding the current status quo and standard operating procedures. Not only will your colleagues feel valued, you’ll receive helpful advice in return too. Everyone wins. Feedbacks from survey can reflect positive outlook with the company which is definitely a must share to the world.

Monthly Challenges

Experience is said to be the best teacher. By encouraging your staff members to join in a monthly challenge, you all have something new to look forward to and learn every month.

For example, a monthly challenge between teams of who gets to save more by the end of the month will put your financial habits to the test. Positive results can be used to support future content about team building, accountability and financial matters. Editors love a personal angle in articles, too.

Team Experiment/Case Studies/Discoveries

Tried a new approach, but it didn’t work? Use it as a lesson learned. Have successful experiments, or a worth sharing case studies like “How a Website Redesign Increased Organic Traffic by 99% in 8 Months”, How to Seamlessly Merge a Microsite for Improved Rankings” and etc.? These are valuable assets and truly enticing to read.

After publishing, seek for their help. Use each other’s online presence as an advantage. Promote each other on social media; encourage sharing of each other’s’ articles or by leaving comments for more exposure.

Events/ Trips

Upcoming events

These experiences will definitely serve as inspiration for content that revolves around travel, lifestyle and health. Did you enjoy your trip to the beach? Most stories are best told when they come from the heart and personal encounters.

In our company’s website, every year we feature our travel adventure. We want to share how beautiful the place we’ve visited. It’s also one way of taking a break from writing serious topics.

Gaps from Meetings/Forums

Unanswered questions from meetings can be brainstormed and found solutions for outside meeting rooms. These answers can then be turned into blog posts and article topics. It can be sometimes in the form of “How To”, example: How to Drive Sales with AdWords’ New Price Extensions for Mobile Text Ads .

Solutions for Customer Problems

Providing solutions to your customer or clients problems is another milestone. It’s another story worthy to share. In fact, it can inspire others in your industry. It can be in the form showcasing your best practices or mistakes and solutions that you’ve discovered along the way.

Published solution of the team is another way of recognizing their valuable efforts. This is one way of sharing the value of team work. You can also add reviews from customers to support the current


Having a lack of inspiration or ideas is normal. There’s always a solution, and if Google can’t give it to you, someone else can. Your colleagues’ suggestions for fresher topics are best solicited sources. Some may even be willing to publish alongside with you. And it is an exciting journey.

Awards & Recognitions

What if you’re one of the companies that won the US Search Awards? Be listed in 2017 Fortune’s most admired companies? If you’re company got new milestone like an award, this is one of the best content idea that you can share to the public.

There are lots of content ideas that you can find in the workplace; all you have to do is to discover it. Once you have found them, get them listed immediately. Don’t forget to add an interesting headline on it.