Some of The Top Tourist Attractions in Chennai You Should Visit!

Some of The Top Tourist Attractions in Chennai You Should Visit!

Chennai has an astounding array of attractions to impress and engage travellers, ranging from the old to the new, and from nature to architecture.

Chennai has an astounding array of attractions to impress and engage travellers, ranging from the old to the new, and from nature to architecture. With the previous name of Madras in mind, one can visit a number of Top Tourist Attractions in Chennai including Eliot's Beach and Marina Beach, which welcomes everyone to enjoy the fresh air and gentle breezes.

Magnificent carved temples of Sri Parthasarathy and Kapaleeshwar that attract the sight from afar due to their colours and tip tallness, Fort of British control, experience the magnificence of Connemara library, Royapuram fishing harbour to have the ultimate catch of fishes, and that's not all.

Chennai also offers an interesting camping experience for a vacation, where a good bonfire, music, and dancing may help you forget about your daily routine. Therefore Lock Your Trip offers a wide range of Tamil Nadu Tour Packages that will make your touring experience. Surfing and hiking in the camp's surrounding areas will leave anyone speechless. So, don't give up!! Leave the cave and discover!

Marina Beach

When in Chennai, one can visit India's largest beach, which is only across the block. The beach, which stretches from The road from Fort St. George to Besant Nagar is lined with palm trees. The sight when the skies and the ocean join at both ends is immediately across from one's eyes when standing on the beach.You should visit this place with your partner before buying your Kodaikanal Honeymoon Package from Chennai.

Attractions: On the southern end of Marina, a historic lighthouse stands with numerous other facilities such as an aquarium, a swimming pool, and a park. The dawn in this place is a breathtaking example of natural beauty.

Fort St. George

It is impossible to fix India's past with the British. Fort St. George is a live example in front of you. It was built as a core for governmental functions during British rule, but it now houses the St. George museum, which houses paintings, coins, silverware, arms, ceramics, and archives.

Attraction: It has provided space under its cloud for historic monuments of St. Mary's church. The Flagstaff at the Fort is one of the country's tallest structures.

Thousand Lights Mosque

Many Lights Mosque is at the top of this list because its construction has a particular place in the heart of Chennai. The location was given its name because of a unique feature: the mosque's main hall is lit by a total of 1000 oil lights. Imagine the splendour!!! It is also one of the country's largest mosques.

Attraction: The majestic domes house a huge place where people can pray to God. In addition, a unique hall has been built for ladies to pray in this quiet and serene environment.

Elliot’s Beach

Eliot has its own appeal, albeit being a much less crowded beach than Marina.It is now known as Besant Nagar Beach and boosts tourism due to its quiet charm and beautiful brown sands.

Attractions: The Schmidt Memorial, which was created in honour of a Dutch sailor named Karl Schmidt, is one of Elliott Beach's most popular destinations. The beach has received an additional tip for attention because of this white built-up.

Apart from that, the well-known AshtaLakshmi Temple and Velankanni Church, both famous among Chennai residents, are located on the southern side.After experiencing the Beach you can visit the hilly areas of Ooty and don’t forget to add the Ooty Tour Package from Chennai.

Ashtalaxmi Temple

This is the only temple devoted to Goddess Mahalakshmi on Tamil Nadu's east coast, and it is located on the beautiful Besant Beach. The statues of Dashavatara, Ganesha, and Guruvayoorappan can be seen. The architecture's splendour rests in its 'OM' shaped design, making it one of Chennai's most captivating sites to visit.You should visit this place with your family before buying your Kodaikanal Honeymoon Package from Chennai.

Visit the temple during festivals like Navaratri, Diwali, and Pongal to see it in all its glory. Don't miss the evening puja, which is a very peaceful event enhanced by the fresh light breeze.

Vellankanni Shrine

This stunning sculpture, located right off Elliot's Beach, fundamentally changes the feel of the area. Every day, thousands of people seek peace at the cathedral, which boasts a beautiful white building with great towers overlooking the Bay of Bengal.

Attending the public prayers, which is conducted in both Tamil and English, is also an option.The Annai Vailankanni Shrine has a beauty that is unrivalled in the area.

Dakshina Chitra

The museum, often known as a "living-history museum," was built to educate the coming generations about the traditional aspects of Tamil culture. DakshinaChitra is a tiny hamlet on 10 acres that has been rebuilt using reconstructions of typical South Indian dwellings from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The show features a diverse collection of living ideas in Indian art, folk visual arts, craft, and architecture, with a focus on South Indian traditions. The museum exhibits anything from a typical Tamil home to simple utensils, a fisherman's life to various textiles.Classical dances and musical concerts are held on a regular basis to boost tourism.

Guindy National Park and Snake Park

The only national park in the centre of a city, the city life has a special edition of a range of species. Guindy is home to a variety of birds, mammals, and reptilesTourists are able to witness wildlife such as blackbucks, spotted deer, jackals, tortoises, and others.

Attractions in the snake park comprise cobras and pythons, as well as sparrow, dove, kingfishers, and vultures among the species. This is without a mistake one of the most beautiful places to visit in Chennai, as it takes people away from the rush and bustle of everyday life.


Mylapore is an interesting resort with a distinctive identity in Chennai's vicinity. The zone, which is known for its tree-lined roads, Kapaleeswarar temple, and Ramakrishnan Maths, includes a number of temples, churches, and mosques on its territory. The grandeur of San Thomas Basilica and Adi Kesava Perumal Temple is undeniable. Vedapuri, the city's oldest residential district, was traditionally known as Vedapuri.

Apart from the structure, the music sabha and the musicians are the most significant cultural additions here. Many sabhas are held in December to resurrect the age-old tradition of playing music in a group. In addition, Mylapore cuisine has its own distinct aroma and flavour.

Royapuram Fishing Harbour

This port draws a large number of visitors who come to relax while buying in one of the largest fish markets in the world. This magnificent harbour can hold approximately 575 fishing boats, and visitors may watch fishermen capture for their daily requirements, even late at night.

While fishermen throw their nets, pile up the fish, and organise them in local markets, the setting provides one of the best photographing opportunities. The folks that scream at the top of their lungs to be the highest bidder are the finest part of this location.

San Thome Church

San Thome's gleaming, huge white cathedral sits atop St Thomas' grave. This site is certainly significant from a religious standpoint, but it also draws visitors from all around Chennai. This landmark is one of the top locations to see in Chennai because it informs us of India's colonial heritage.

When this chapel is seen from the inside out, it evokes a sense of familiarity. Stained glass windows, a sitting statue of St Thomas, a museum, a library, and stores selling candles and flowers are just a few of the monument's elegant features. When viewed from the outside, the highest point adorned with Cross and the descending red roof is completely captivating.

Birla Planetarium

Well, Chennai boasts the Birla Planetarium, which is located near Anna University and is ready to develop a love of science in the brains of the youngsters.

Attractions: The planetarium hosts monthly astronomical audio-visual events that astonish guests. It also features shows on the Solar System, the Cycle of Stars, the Sky and Seasons, Comets, and Man on the Moon.

In addition, the Science Centre's distinctive attractions include Science Park, Traffic Park, and Science on Wheels, all of which are of particular appeal to young visitors, making it one of the top things to do in Chennai.


Nettukuppam is made up of an ancient rusted footbridge with its head facing into the sea. At this bridge, where one can sit with their legs hanging down, one can have a sense of self-placement in big waves. Due to strong tides, it is not recommended to examine the bridge piers in the morning.

This is a double treat for photography enthusiasts who will be able to capture some great images. This is one among Chennai's most well-known beaches, with a large number of visitors throughout the year.

Kapaleeshwar Temple

This temple is the best location to visit in Chennai because of its distinctive architectural style, in-depth detail of the gopuram and temple head, and stunning height of roughly 37 metres. The Dravidian style of temple construction is well-known in South Indian cities, and Kapaleeshwar temple is a prime example.

Attractions: The temple is devoted to the deities Shiva and Karpagambal, and it has a festival in March and April that draws thousands of devotees. Another interesting location is Asl, a large tank filled with water that has religious significance and was once utilised as a water storage facility.

Madras War Memorial

The war monument, one of Chennai's best known attractions, is a memorial to the soldiers who died in the Second World War. It's a lovely white marble structure with plaques listing the names of those who have given their lives.

Take a stroll through this unusual location and its well-kept gardens. See the Cross of Sacrifice and the Stone of Remembrance. On days like Army Day and Vijay Diwas, pay a visit to observe the military pay special homage.

Valluvar Kottam

This statue devoted to the renowned Tamil saint, philosopher, and writer Tiruvalluvar exemplifies Chennai's enthusiasm for culture and literature. This chariot-shaped monument was built out of 3000 stone blocks. One of the most intriguing attractions to see in Chennai is the auditorium, which is said to be Asia's largest.

Visit the monument to see the 133 chapters of Tiruvalluvar's Thirukkural etched on it. Handicraft shows are organised on a regular basis. Don't miss seeing the plants that Mother Teresa planted in 1984.

Connemara Public Library

Libraries are unquestionably stores of books, but the Connemara library stands out due to its distinctive manner of book layout and supported large arches. Connemara Library, built in the late 1800s, is a treasure trove of centuries-old publications.

It is one of Asia's largest libraries, with a collection of over 600,000 books. Whether enthusiastic readers or researchers conducting research, anyone can quickly become lost in the enthralling world of books while immersed in their favourite hobby.