How To Optimize Your Magento 2 Store For Voice Search?

How To Optimize Your Magento 2 Store For Voice Search?

Online shopping is trendy and top platforms like Magento 2 are adding more and more to boost conversions.

Online shopping is trendy and top platforms like Magento 2 are adding more and more to boost conversions. Besides voice search, one of those big things they are working on for a long time.

While driving, busy hands, rapid searches, long keywords and of course work-shy people, searching via voices is the easiest answer.

But, if you think it’s an overnight upturn, then “over 1 million searches were voice searches in 2018.” And in 2021: The era of smart Devices is only speeding it.

The most dominating one is mobile originated searches, as according to the current Google stats, “Every 5th search of a phone is a voice search.”

At last, mobile searches can lead you top on SERPs that leads to conversion and revenue.

And in today’s blog, we are discussing those points that you can work to improve Magento 2 voice searches and conversion rate.

How to Optimize Magento 2 Store for Voice Searches?

Conventional Keyword Research- Your keywords always be the centre-ground of what people search and create content. Below given, two points are utmost to remember while creating content.

Semantic Strategy- After Google Hummingbird algorithm, long-tail keywords are now more valuable for higher search results. The aim behind this was to make website voice search-friendly. By using semantic words in the content body, title and description, it becomes natural search-friendly.

Use of Natural Languages- 70% of voice searches originate from Google assistant. In such cases, people most of the time search in their natural languages, especially work on your long-tail keywords and queries.

Speed Optimisation- In a year where countries started using 5G technology, waiting for even 3 second doesn’t sound faithful. And it’s easiest to understand the importance of site speed when for years we have that 3 second and 50% customers bounce back rule.

And if we talk about the devices from where the largest voice search comes from, then most of the time mobile users are in a rush.

Tips to optimize Magento 2 site speed-

Test website on Google Pagespeed Insights and make the changes according to it.

Use GTmatrix and check for the Yslow tab to analyze.

Mobile-friendly Website- Mobile-First Index is a well proof action of Google to understand the value of mobile-friendly sites. And beforehand mentioned the connection of mobile-oriented searches and voice searches are not negligible.

How to keep a site mobile-friendly?

Develop a store mobile version

Synchronize the mobile and desktop response

Check sitemap ensures it includes mobile pages

Mobile speed loading

Design site as per UX

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CJM site structure- Set Customer Journey Map as per voice searches also, as text customers can have a distinct way to search. Make sure you analyse the sales funnel and understand where traffic is coming. Also, note why and from where customers are leaving.

Steps to keep in mind while CJM-

Understand the buyer’s persona

Understand the buyer’s goal

Map out customers touchpoints

Priorities according to previous steps & fix blocks

Update and improve

Appealing Snippets- A quick answer box & fully featured snippets is what can appear up even from the top search results. And to choose between attracting search quarry results and title & description results is not that tough to choose, right? Well, don’t know about you, but Google chose the snippets and placed it on zero position.

And if your snippet well suits the search quarry, voice software chooses your website most, probably.

Local searches- Mostly people search for off-line services while they do a local search. He will search as long as possible but also try to search as near possible as well. As everyone wants the best, but near as well. In such a case, to increase your Magento store chances to appear in search results, optimise it according to the local market.

A best single way to optimize Magento 2 site for local search-

Use Google My Business listing

Add correct & complete business information

Verify correct location, phone number

Accurate & up-to-date business hours

High-quality photos

Optimize it for local searches

Google zero block- You have seen some Google results that have the answer, and you don’t need to click the website link. Placed in zero position means Google rates your answers best and ranks it on the top positions. Also, it saves google resources indexing millions of pages.

Steps get on zero positions-

Use info keywords (Starting with question words) that already have zero blocks

Include the main keyword in the question

Create quick answers including bullets & list

Apart from voice searches, also know how to optimise Magento 2 to boost conversion rate.

Voice Searches Means Present & Future Talk!

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