Top Magento 2 SEO Extensions For Better Rankings On SERP

Top Magento 2 SEO Extensions For Better Rankings On SERP

Now when you know the importance of top rankings on SERPs. Being a Magento 2 user, you also want to know how to reach that place?

Top Magento 2 SEO extensions-

SEO is a long-running process that demands a team of SEO experts, patience, time and money, especially in the throat-cutting competition of eCommerce. In the further blog, we will introduce top SEO extensions for Magento 2 that efficient and timesaving.

Magento 2 SEO extension by MegePlaza–

The SEO extension fits best for both popular search engines, Google and Bing. A bundle of outstanding features, this MegaPlaza extension gets auto-active straight from its installation, if no code modification. You can understand extension friendliness with its ability to provide product meta keywords & description.

Price- Free and premium version starting at $199

Highlighted features:

Prevent duplicate content issues

Page analysis for rich snippets Preview

Add Schema structural data

Advanced XML and HTML sitemaps

Link alternative tags

SEO metadata template rules

SEO checklist & cross-links

Multistore support

Layered navigation support

Crosslink SEO

Hreflang tag for language specification

SEO report( 404, checklist, duplicity, word count) checking

SEO suite ultimate extension for Magento 2 by Mageworx–

The all-in-one Magento SEO extension covers the full-range of on-page SEO activities. Not only this, but extension can serve all your small page elements to the entire store architecture. It adds canonical tags to all CMS pages, products and categories so you don’t face any duplicity issue.

Price- $299

Highlighted features:

Duplicate content elimination

Optimize crawling and indexation

Cross-linking (Internal link building)

Metadata mass-optimization

SEO for layered navigation page

HTML and XML sitemaps

Alternate URL (Hreflang tag)

SEO reports

Create rich snippets

Smart redirects

Extended Breadcrumbs

Blog support

Pager optimization

Magento 2 SEO Suite extension by Mirasvit–

Also known as an SEO powerhouse, this Mirasvit extension gives control for all from sitemap to meta tag. Other than this, it works efficiently with configuration flow and major enhancement. The extension has incredible packages that serve you the top position of SERPs at a pocket-friendly price.

Price- $99/ monthly (Money-back guarantee trail)

Highlighted features:

Massive CTR boost

Rich snippets

Open graph


Thorough URL customization

Seo friendly rewrites

Canonical URLs

Relationship tags

Automatic redirects

Flexible templates

Simple interface

Manual rewrites

Powerful rules

Inevitable values

Higher search ranking

Improved search CTR

Handy SEO toolbar

Instant crosslinking

Advanced sitemap(XML/HTML)

4. SEO toolkit for Magneto 2 by Amasty–

The Magento 2 extension is a true toolkit for fixing SEO matters. It is an SEO effective solution that maximises your search engine presence and gets you more organic traffic. For serving better Google interaction, it automates SEO settings for your Magento store, including:

Reduce manual work

Increase store traffic & ranking

Boost sales revenue

Grow store indexation

Price- $249/90 days (Money back guarantee trail)

Highlighted Features:

One-click SEO analysis

Create meta tag temples with Yoast

Add rich snippets

Advanced pagination & redirects

Configure a unique product URL

Automate cross-linking

Configure dynamic HTML with sitemap

Build XML Google sitemap

5. Magento 2 SEO extension Webkul–

To improvise the online store SEO, this Webkul extension offers plentiful tools and options. The extension helps to create rich snippets for all products, categories, and CMS pages. To make your store social media friendly, you can add Twitter cards and FB open graphs and share products on them. Last but not least before the feature, SEO meter addition for further SEO suggestions.

Price- $149

Highlighted features:

Social sharing options

Product, category and CMs rich snippets

Sitemap generation

SEO meter

Snippets preview

Ping service

XML & HTML sitemap

Sitelink search box

404 error email notification

Search engine robots

Hreflang tag support

In closing!

To clear confusion on these remarkable Magento 2 SEO extensions, we have shared the best ones with full-blown features. However, before making a choice, we suggest you understand your business needs or enlist Magento 2 SEO professionals to help you.