Top 5 Leh Ladakh Offbeat Locations

Top 5 Leh Ladakh Offbeat Locations

Famous places around the world are known for certain things. But, for the most part, there are more such places than meets the eye.

The best example would be Ladakh. Yes, I know that the pictures of Lake Ladakh shown in the movie 3 Idiots and Khardung Lama may have crossed your mind. This is where the problem lies. In search of diamonds, we ignore rubies, sapphires and sapphires. By this metaphor I mean that many people go to Ladakh for the three places which are most famous to them, but fail to find the places which are not so famous. And, the real attraction of Ladakh is in these small and remote places. Explore more about the trek in Ladakh. With this blog, I hope to tell you about the places to explore in the region that you must make a point to visit. Let's find amazing offbeat destinations in Ladakh.

Zanskar Valley - Adventure hub of Ladakh

It would not be wrong to say that Zanskar Valley is the best place for adventure lovers in Ladakh. If you like to splash with water as well as speed, you should go rafting on the Zanskar River. The rafting area from Remala to the confluence of the river Indus with Nimmu is more than 155 km long. You will climb high rapids and white waters, experience rapid landings, soak in cold water and pass through valleys. The valley between the barren and snowy mountains feels like a different world, in summer it is so colorful and green that you forget for a while that you are really in Ladakh.

The Zanskar River freezes in December and January and gives you the ultimate opportunity to trek on the frozen river which is widely known as Chadar Trek. It is counted among the most challenging tracks in India.

Uleytokpo - Campsite with a view

About 60 km from Leh city, Uletokpo is a camping ground on the banks of the river Indus. If you do not want to live in the city and want a quiet place then this is the right place for you. The only constant sound here will be of the river, and if you are lucky, of the regional birds as well. Accommodation in a tent or a suitable cottage is readily available. Imagine waking up to the naturally lit, brown rocks. Feel like having a picnic? You don't have to go anywhere because the grass in Uletokpo in summer is juicy enough for you to sit on it and enjoy a relaxing lunch or tea. You also have the option of sightseeing in the area.

Sumur - Visit the monastery, go hiking

The most notable site here is the Samastanling Gompa, a brand new monastery built in 1841. Well, it may not be really new, but compared to other monasteries in Ladakh it is 16th or 17th century. I don't know if it's well maintained or just well built, but it looks almost as good as new. Inside, you will be amazed to see bright and colorful wall paintings of various deities. You will also see large scroll pictures on silk cloth, depicting certain types of religious symbols. Coming to the part of hiking, there are numerous roads that lead to small villages even at higher altitudes. So, if you prefer hard mountaineering, you can definitely follow the trail from here.

Panamik - Relaxation of warmth before the icy cold heights of Siachen

Another of those small villages in the Nubra Valley, Panama, is about 55 km from the town of Diskit. The village is unique in that it is home to a hot sulfur spring, in stark contrast to the mind-numbing cold Siachen Glacier, just a few kilometers away. Panamik is the last village you can visit in the Nubra Valley because for obvious reasons citizens are not allowed on the glacier. So, you can have plenty of time to spend in the village, and I suggest you take this opportunity to bathe in the hot springs. According to beliefs, it has medicinal properties, which is able to eliminate various diseases. The bath complex has separate pools for men and women as well as shower cubicles. A dip in therapeutic springs is a great way to relieve you of the symptoms of stress or any height illness.

Upshi - A Quaint Resting Spot

Upshi village is located on the Leh-Manali highway and is reached after descending from Taglang Lathi. If you are tired of long distance travel or altitude sickness, you can stay here for the night anyway. Upashi has numerous budget hotels, guest houses and campsites for you to spend the night. Thick, long-haired Changthangi goats are commonly found in the area. The locals literally pamper these animals almost daily by cleaning their fur, making them nice and shiny. Highly demanded and expensive pashmina shawls are made from their wool. If you have the time, you must visit the numerous monasteries nearby. Stoke, Hemis, Thixi and Shena monastery or Gompas are within 55 km from the village.

Whether you are on a road trip in Ladakh or visiting places of interest in general, you will need a break. You may suffer from altitude sickness here and get tired sooner than usual. Therefore, you will feel the need to relax, which you should never ignore. One of the best places to relax in Ladakh is the hot springs of Chumathang. This is a natural pool on the banks of the river Indus, from which springs of hot sulfur-filled water flow. You can see the water slowly sliding into the fast flowing river. You can just sit in a pool and say goodbye to your troubles. If you are trekking in this region, these springs will be especially relaxing.

Now, next time you go to Ladakh, eat common places and try the above sites. This will give you a new perspective on the region, its culture, natural beauty and people.