Write articles? But I'm a salesperson!

Write articles? But I'm a salesperson!

Who am I and why do you want to read my articles?

It’s funny to think about writing articles and having people read your words. It’s also exciting to see that your words are broadcast to an audience where people want to read your writing. How cool is that?

I’ve run my business, ajar designs ink., for 11 years. I am a print broker, a promotional product resource and a project manager when it comes to all of the products my clients order. Basically, I’ve become a salesperson. It’s great and I enjoy the sales aspect, but sometimes I want to work on more design jobs and exercise my creative skills. I love to create and build and get excited about the end result.

A world of words

This is where writing can enter into my world. There are many, many words swirling around in my head, thoughts accumulated from my business networking, volunteering, personal meetings and working with my clients and suppliers. A lot of activity can happen in one day, and I need a way to get my thoughts out of my head and onto the proverbial paper.

I remember in high school many years ago that I loved to write essays and come up with my own stories. With my mother being a teacher, I had her proofread my work to edit out grammatical errors and suggest alternate wording. Initially it was very frustrating to receive that paper back completely red from her marking pen. Oh, I despised that red pen! But those markings and corrections helped immensely. It actually motivated me to learn how to write more efficiently and without glaring errors.

Write articles? But I'm a salesperson!

Now, my only real obstacle is taking the time to write and come up with engaging tales. So much can occur in a week, or even a couple of days, that I forget to take note of these stories. My goal is to try to write at the end of each week, at least one article. I love it and it makes me smile when I type. I’m smiling right now! I’m sure the people around me in this coffee shop think I’m nuts. And that’s okay with me!

(Please enjoy the grammar lesson courtesy of Weird Al Yankovic.)

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes (alyankovicVEVO)