Aidey - a leader in Call Center Outsourcing Services

Aidey - a leader in Call Center Outsourcing Services
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Many technology & traditional companies struggle due to increasing market competition. According to Forbes, 90% of start-ups will fail due to “overlooking key a

Many technology & traditional companies struggle due to increasing market competition. According to Forbes, 90% of start-ups will fail due to “overlooking key aspects of business process and the boring stuff. When a business tends to focus on product development, sales and marketing processes, and fail to create complimentary processes such as customer support to increase its customers satisfaction and retention, it is missing a key aspect of its business success.

So, what should companies do to prevent failures? One option is to outsource certain operations and processes. These will normally be characterized with high volume and low complexity. Some industries such as the tech industry, has significant room for development in this area, as it has never constituted more than 15% of the outsourcing market (banking, finance, and insurance accounted for 40%; telecom, 17%; and manufacturing, 12%), according to TechCrunch. Thus, companies from the tech industry that will choose this option, are likely to gain a competitive edge over their market.

The key advantages of outsourcing services & operations to call centers are:

  1. Management Time: Company managers well understand that time is a crucial resource. Setting up an in-house team will consume vast amount of management time while the alternative of hiring call center outsourcing services with the suitable knowledge and experience, will most likely save a great amount of precious management time
  2. Cost: Setting up an in-house customer service department involves large expenses in purchase of infrastructure, recruitment, training and high salary costs, especially when it comes to providing 24/7 support. Using customer support outsourcing services, will result in a cost reduction estimation of at least 50% over an in-house team.
  3. Expertise: Exactly as marketing, sales or product development, customer service is an expertise. Many companies fail to deliver expert customer support as it is not part of their core know how. By outsourcing customer support, companies can quickly obtain high levels of expertise that is highly needed for providing competent care and resolving problems quickly and effectively.
  4. Scalability: With an unpredictable business environment, companies have to plan their resources to meet fluctuations in demand in a cost-effective manner. This principle also applies to support teams that have to stay flexible to meet changes in demand. Scaling your customer support team, up or down, to handle any situation can be quite challenging and using customer support outsourcing services can be the right solution.
  5. Diversity: Using call center outsourcing services like Aidey will provide your company the necessary resources to perform various activities that are not limited to inbound call center services. Even though inbound call center services are the core services that companies normally seek for, it is not uncommon that companies later expand the scope of cooperation and outsource further activities and processes to the call center.