3 Women Jacket Designs Taking Over The Market by Storm

3 Women Jacket Designs Taking Over The Market by Storm

Women clothing has a lot of added flavor and zing to it that makes them look different and stand out in a crowd.

In the world of pep fashion, jackets are the new favorite. Layering the white tee with a pair of denim jeans is something quite familiar with the street fashion. The planet of fashion is constantly evolving and morphing according to customer preferences by setting trends. The jackets trend has been something more of a boon to this world. They are extremely fashionable and versatile and can be paired with mostly anything. Famous women jacket manufacturers are coming up with new designs of fashionable jackets, of which 3 are listed below and should definitely be checked out by retailers to add that edge to their stock.

The good ol’ leather

Leather jackets have been in the market for a considerable amount of time now. Both men and women have found their affiliation with these pretty babies! Women leather jackets have been equally booming from celebrities to pop stars sporting them with utmost glare and glory. The best part about these jackets are their easy-to-pair-with appeal! You cannot possibly go wrong with these.

Add a classy look with the double trench coat jacket

This jackets dates back in time. The extremely mauve and polished design makes this look like a dress straight out of the black and white days. This jacket is extremely comfortable as well, it can be worn with or without pants as it reaches well over the knee. This is a perfect formal wear, wear it to your work on a chilly winter morning and let this soft stole cover you up to make you feel cozy and warm.

A sublime floral print never ceases to impress

The floral print jacket is absolutely for the party this weekend. The black body with little flowers serenading makes this jacket look very different and peppy. You can wear it with a black leggings and white shoes. This gives a very sporty look to it. Womens wholesale clothing manufacturers have all of these and more in stock, retailers looking to order in bulk can check out the designs they have to offer.