Favorite - Comfort Food Recipes

Favorite - Comfort Food Recipes

Bring your food extra toppings to some milder levels with these delicious recipes. This is how you prepare your daily list of comfort food.

Well having more of the spices in every meal can be terrible for your stomach. Because hot spices aren’t good for your inner health three times a day. In Pakistan, this happens very often. Almost every city has its heritage and culture and yet having their food recipes. And having plenty of spices in their recipes is the essential thing they do. On the other hand, a creamy bowl of pasta or macaroni, a juicy burger, French fries, or a flavored topping on a pizza is amazing, right? But this is all that makes your health damage. So, what should we eat to have comfort foods in our meals without this burning feeling? Try adding herbs and healthy ingredients in your daily meals. Not all spices tend to burn your stomach some spices are healthy for your stomach.

Pakistani masala gives the tangiest taste ever in daily meals. Also, having such heavy meals in your everyday meal isn’t good for health. So, it's not to swap your spicy meal but to make a smart choice. Let us have a look at the light and comforting recipes that are going to brighten up your meals.

Replace Your All-Time Favorite Juicy Burger with This Veggie Burger

This burger is made with very healthy and essential ingredients taking care of your inner health. It includes green veggies, beetroot, black beans, brown rice, and a piece of Italian cheese. All ingredients are mixed up so well and made with pleasure. The buttery toasted bun gives you some deep umami flavor pleasing your taste buds. Although we have many ingredients present here all are in equal quantity. Not even a single ingredient overpowers another.

Add A White Pizza in Your Meal Instead of Spicy Topped Pizza

Red sauce is tangy but the white sauce has its pleasure. It has some very healthy toppings like greens, slices of bacon, or smoky meat. Bring your pizza toppings to some milder levels with this delicious recipe. This is how you prepare your daily list of comfort food.

Bring your extra food toppings to some milder levels with this delicious recipe. This is how you prepare your daily list of comfort food.

Comfort Food Ideas at A1 Spices

Ahsan Tahir

Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups

This is one of the easiest and simplest to have lasagna on your weekend meals. Just cook the filling as pasta and then roll it and bake. You would be having the spruced-up taste of lasagna in just a few minutes.

Turkey Taco Salad

This is surely not your original taco salad which is greasy and creamy to have. We haven’t included any taco seasoning package into it or any ranch dressing powder. There will only be a few of the pantry’s healthy ingredients. This can be a flavorsome and healthy weeknight dinner for the whole family.

All of these healthy recipes are the alternate for your snacky and spicy foods. Having these in your daily meals can be flavorful and healthy. Try any of these and you would surely love it. Your spices would be replaced with some of the healthy herbs and pantry items. Now put comfort foods on the table rather than having junk food all the time.