What Are The Benefits Of Agarbatti?

What Are The Benefits Of Agarbatti?

Lighting incense sticks are a common practice in Indian households.

Have you noticed how the house gets filled with a distinct aroma when you light an incense stick? The essential oils present in the sticks helps clear nasal blockages and improve the air around you. It works as aromatherapy. Hence, it is specifically kept in healing centres. Some other benefits include:

Creates religious ambience

For many years, we have seen that every morning Hindu ritual starts by lighting the agarbatti and performing a small pooja. People light them because it creates a religious ambience that allows one to connect spiritually easily. It brings about a positive environment for the start of something new. The fragrance of the agarbatti drives away the foul smell and impurity in the house.

It allows you to be entirely absorbed by spirituality. It also acts as an excellent disinfectant removing insects that prevent focusing on the pooja.

Heals mind

A pleasing aroma can be a mood changer. Whenever you visit any spa or rejuvenation centre, you always find an agarbatti along with a few scented candles. A pleasing aroma has a soothing and healing effect on your mind. The incense stick pleasant fragrances help relax your mind keeping all the worries and troubles away. A calm mind lets you let go and connect with yourself.

Hence, when people meditate or pray, they light agarbatti to relax, focus, and understand what is good for them.

Brings back memories

A fragrance reminds you of someplace, person, or incident strongly. It truly has the power to transport you to a whole new world. If you notice when you read a novel wherein the writer describes a person, they pay attention to how they smell besides their physical features. Each person has a distinct aroma associated with them that reveals their persona.

We have fond memories of our childhood that we associate with various fragrances. Recalling these memories often lighten your mood and makes you happier.

Drives away toxicity

Coming home after a tiring day at work and feeling annoyed by the foul smell of travel, you need something to drive away from the toxicity. Lighting a fragrant agarbatti helps deal with a fatigue day. The enchanting aroma offers a powerful dose of positivity. Also, you can find several agarbatti that are made of 100% natural ingredients like sandalwood, Jasmine, and Lavender.

Besides, they do not make your head feel heavy, which is a common problem people face due to powerful fragrances.

Light your favourite agarbatti when back home and enjoy your meal made from the latest pressure cookers bought from the store, making your evenings a peaceful one. A good fragrance promises a much-needed dose of positivity and cheers you up.