Pizza Box Advertising

Pizza Box Advertising

This unconventional marketing concept generates more impressions and consequently increased ROI.

The College engaged the audience around its environs, i.e. students who live nearby. So, teaming up with pizzerias around those locations ensured that the intended information is delivered right into the hands of the audience as they purchase pizzas every day. This concept takes advertising to a different level – delivering your ads into the hands of your target audience while they are in their most comfortable zones – by taking the messages indoors. It, in fact, stays with them for longer than a conventional ads strategy would guarantee.

This tactic is known as in-the-hand advertising and is focused on targeting your customers where they are with your message. In other words, it is not random. Unlike digital ads which only get seen when users use an app or visit a website, pizza box advertising does not need the target audience`s online presence to be effective; it is delivered into their homes. In addition, marketers can precisely target any location they want by running using pizza delivery stores around those locations. Last year, the Missouri Department of Transportation teamed up with Adzze to implement this same strategy to educate the public on the dangers of driving under the influence.

Pizza box advertising can be seen as a disruptive advertising concept because it is both cost-effective and highly targeted, conditions which most advertising strategies cannot provide. Typically, the logo and message of the advertiser are printed on top of pizza boxes (pizza box toppers) and then distributed to the selected pizza venues. This concept is, in fact, one of the many innovative forms of advertising, which Adzze deploys to help businesses reach more potential clients with their messages at affordable costs. Marketers can be sure of generating high levels of audience engagement with their brands. Social groups can also rely on this strategy to promote upcoming events. Check out more information on this advertising concept here.