Mobile Ad Fraud Detection and Prevention

Mobile Ad Fraud Detection and Prevention

Mobile Ad Fraud is on the rise and fraudsters more sophisticated which means mobile marketers must become more knowledgeable.

An estimated $6.5 billion from the digital advertising was lost to mobile advertising fraud last year. Mobile advertisers need be equipped with the knowledge to fight fraud – and it should be part and parcel to their attribution services.

Fraud Prevention Tactics

There are many types of mobile ad frauds including installs, clicks, and unique predefined events. Marketers need to know the enemy!

Fraud is an evolving threat and having prevention tactics in place will also protect your budget.

Marketers need to understand and use the most up-to-date prevention technologies to keep up with this ever-changing threat, and that requires a solid knowledge of the current state of ad fraud at any given time.

Flexible Reporting

Fraud can be hard to pinpoint, and marketers need to be able to investigate suspicious traffic sources at every level. Being able to see as far down as the publisher, campaign, geo, and site level gives advertisers the ability to create custom rejection rules that will target and prevent fraud right at the source.

Visually Identifying Fraud Metrics

Mobile Ad Fraud behavior can be difficult to identify, it’s even harder to represent it visually when you have a thousand unorganized data points. Marketers need to see their data easily to understand the fraud metrics that matter most, such as cost or rejected installs.

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Mobile Ad Fraud Prevention

Customize Rejection Rules

Mobile app marketers experience fraud in ways that are unique to their app environment, it’s not a one-size-fits-all tool. It’s important that advertisers can reject fraudulent traffic and create rules based on their own unique situation.

Complete Transparency

Marketers need complete transparency to see how well their mobile ad dollars are being spent. When you view the whole picture marketers can understand how to effectively protect their ROI (Return on Investment)

It’s important that marketers are confident in their data by keeping traffic sources clean and prevent mobile app fraud, thereby; helping them to make smarter, more cost-effective decisions.

Mobile ad fraud is a complicated issue so it is important to work with a trusted partner.

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