These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Kawasaki KLX150 2021

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Kawasaki KLX150 2021
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KLX150 2021, a pioneer of 150 cc motor trail in Indonesia

Talking about trail motorcycles with 150 cc engines in Indonesia, the KLX150 Kawasaki is one of the pioneers. The product, which was introduced for the first time in 2009, immediately became the choice of dirt-scratching motorbike fans.

KLX itself stands for Kawasaki Light Cross. In Japan, the cross is often abbreviated as the letter X. So that means, the KLX is a lightweight motor cross.

At the beginning of its presence, PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) released it with the full name KLX150S. This motorbike relies on a 150 cc SOHC 2 valve air cooled engine, and relies on a Keihin NVC24 carburetor

The Kawasaki KLX150 is still popular today.

This first generation carries a rim circumference of 19 inches at the front and 16 inches at the rear wheels. Its features are very simple, because they prioritize function.

A significant update occurred at the end of 2013 with the presence of the KLX150L Kawasaki. This new model uses a alloy of 21-inch and 18-inch rim circumference, and the final gear ratio is 14-47 from the previous 14-43.

Then in 2015, KMI again presented a new model with minor changes such as the lights. Not only that, the manufacturer which is identical to the green color has also released a new variant called the Kawasaki KLX150BF

The difference is if the KLX150L comes as a standard variant, then the KLX150BF is a higher variant with upside down front suspension, monoshock rear suspension with aluminum settings and rims.

The Kawasaki KLX150BF looks more attractive.

This motorbike is also often called the legendary iron horse, because the engine used has not changed at all since it was first introduced in 2009. Yup, compared to its competitors, the Kawasaki KLX150 is the only one that still relies on the carburetor.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Kawasaki KLX150 2021

As a product that has been around since 2009 and is still loved today, it is clear that the Kawasaki KLX150 is not a bad product. Although simple, this one iron horse has been tested strong and is not troublesome.

In addition to general consumers, users of the KLX150 Kawasaki also exist from government agencies, police to plantations. Its light weight and body dimensions are still its main attraction.

The Kawasaki KLX150BF has more complete accessories.

Here are some of the advantages of the Kawasaki KLX150 2021:

1. The design can be said to be quite attractive and not boring. The last changes made since 2015 are still maintained today, except for the changing color choices.

Its appearance is simple but has a strong character, which confirms that this is a motorbike that is ready to be used. So it's no wonder that until now, the Kawasaki KLX150 is still one of the backbone of Kawasaki sales in Indonesia.

2. The number of variants is quite complete, when compared to its competitors who only have one variant. This can give consumers the option of which variant is most suitable for themselves.

Yup, apart from the Standard and BF variants, Kawasaki still has a variant specially prepared for the competition called the Kawasaki New KLX. This motorbike appears plain without traffic devices, and the specifications are ready for off road.

Kawasaki New KLX, for off road use and competition.

3. To get through off road terrain, of course, a motorbike with a light weight will really help control. The Kawasaki KLX150 is the lightest in its segment, including the top variant KLX150BF which is only 118 kg.

Try to compare it with friends in its class, such as the Honda CRF150L which weighs 122 kg, or even with the Yamaha WR155R which is up to 134 kg.

4. The suspension damping is typical for a trail bike, soft even for the front legs relying on an upside down damper. The rear suspension is more flexible because it is equipped with a five-point setting with a link.

Then what are the shortcomings of the Kawasaki KLX150 2021?

1. Very simple features, such as an analog instrument panel with a speed indicator and only remaining fuel, plus a few indicator lights. Its competitors are already using a more modern LCD screen.

2. Engine technology has not changed at all, still relying on carburetors with the same engine specifications since 2009. This engine has proven to be strong, but the power and torque output is the lowest.

The appearance of the Kawasaki KLX150 2021 instrument panel is very simple.

The use of vacuum-type carburetors is also a lot of complaints, when used off road through steep inclines. The energy is often lost or the term 'ngempos'. You must be smart to keep the engine speed.

3. Because the engine technology is old and still relies on the carburetor, the fuel consumption is relatively wasteful. The average test result is in the range of 30 to 33 km / liter for daily use.

With a tank capacity of 6.9 liters, the Kawasaki KLX150 2021 can go as far as 207 to 227.7 km. Of course if the motorbike is used off road and the engine often spins high, fuel consumption will be even more wasteful.