The launch of the Honda PCX 160 2021 is just a matter of time, what is the fate

The launch of the Honda PCX 160 2021 is just a matter of time, what is the fate
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After Japan, the Honda PCX 160 2021 launched in Thailand. As well as information from the land of Sakura, the scooter comes in three variants at once.

Starting from PCX 160 Standard type combustion engine and ABS and PCX e: HEV, armed with a mix of conventional engines and electric motors. All units are confirmed to be released in other countries, including Indonesia, which is a matter of time.

It is predicted that PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) will participate in the alert. In fact, it is strongly suspected that the brand holder will carry out a launch procession in the first quarter of this year. If this is the case, then the audience options will be even more crowded in the middle class scooter category.

In addition, in their storefront currently there is the Honda PCX 150, PCX Hybrid and Honda ADV 150 2021. So what will happen to these existing products?

Honda PCX 160 2021 has just launched in Thailand.

Probability Honda PCX 160 Produced Locally

Especially for PCX 150 2021, for example, it is too early to think that it will experience discontinuity. After all, until now he is one of the options that AHM has installed to compete against Yamaha NMax . Unfortunately, the kepak wing scooter appeared modest. Meanwhile, the competitor continues to develop through the launch of the All New Yamaha Nmax Connected 2021.

On the opponent's side, the old Yamaha NMax still decorates the product catalog. It is also very likely that the 150 cc Honda PCX engine will still exist, even though the Honda PCX 160 2021 arrives. However, learning from experience, it seems impossible for AHM to bring him from the AP Honda Thailand production facility. Determining the selling price in the future, will definitely determine the marketing of the PCX 160.

The price of the Honda PCX 160 2021 is more friendly if it is produced in Indonesia.

It would be wise if AHM produced it independently. The probability of competition for the local version of the Honda PCX 160 is certainly greater (friendly prices) than for importing. After all, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) is still producing the old model of NMax, although the quantity may not be as much as the All New NMax in 2021.

Honda PCX 150 2021 gets a big discount

While waiting for the emergence of PCX 160 2021, AHM continues to sell PCX 150. It is made even more tempting by an attractive purchasing program. For example, the treats of PT Wahana Makmur Sejati (WMS) at the opening of the year. Through the early-year promo that we monitored on the official website (Wahana Honda), the Honda PCX 150 2021 is subject to a discount of up to IDR 1.2 million. Awarded into reduced down payment if you buy Honda PCX 150 on credit.

Discount for Honda PCX 150 2021 of Rp. 1.2 million.

It is quite large, not to mention the additional profit in the form of a nominal installment discount amounting to Rp. 1,750 million. However, this benefit applies specifically if you buy a Honda PCX 150 ABS 2021 and is valid until January 31, 2021. Specifically for the Jakarta and Tangerang areas, the scooter is sold at a price of IDR 34.223 million.

Ownership of a PCX equipped with a brake sensor on the front wheels is also facilitated by a variety of installment tenors. For example from Honda Cengkareng. This dealer under WMS provides installment lengths from 11, 17, 23, 27, 29, 33 to 35 months. The following is the installment scheme for the Honda PCX 150 ABS 2021:

How Worth Buying Honda PCX 150 2021:

1. PCX 150 has a typical maxi scooter design with a bulky face and full of firm lines. Such a presentation can be seen all over the body. Aggressive, but still looks elegant and modern with LED lighting and a full digital instrument panel.

2. Have the handlebars closer to the rider's body. In addition, the combination of a wide seat and footrest also supports a relaxed ride.

3. Accommodation for carrying more luggage is provided through the availability of 28.8 liters of luggage space. The PCX 150 2021 fuel tank is among the largest, with a capacity of 8 liters. More than the All New NMax 2021 which is only 7.1 liters.

Delay Intentions to Buy Honda PXC 150 2021:

The launch of the Honda PCX 160 2021 is just a matter of time, what is the fate

1. Judging from the selling price, the Honda PCX 150 2021 is still more expensive than the Yamaha NMax. Even when compared to the official variant the variant features ABS braking. All New NMax Connected / ABS 2021 is still pegged at IDR 33,750 million (price from Yamaha Indonesia).

Honda PCX 150 ABS 2021 still uses single channel ABS.

2. This scooter is more expensive, while in terms of features it is less than the All New NMax. The reason is, the tuning fork scooter has received enrichment in the form of device connectivity.

3. The performance of Honda PCX 150 has not been able to meet the toughness of NMax. Yamaha NMax output vomit is not only superior thanks to the larger cubication. Greater gains were also noted due to the four valve engine configuration. Meanwhile, the Honda PCX still has two valves.

4. At the top type (Honda PCX 150 ABS 2021), an anti-slip system is available. But the sensor is only on the front wheel. While looking at the top of NMax, this feature is available on both wheels. Then for stability it is supported by a dual rear tube suspension (subtank). On the other hand, the PCX 150 ABS is just a 'bare' spring.

Currently the Yamaha NMax 2021 is still superior to the Honda PCX 150.

Advantages of Owning a Honda PCX

Despite the shortcomings, the Honda PCX 150 can still provide benefits to the owner. We have also known for a long time that Honda motorbikes are known to be economical. PCX 150 has a fuel consumption of 50.7 km / liter. And of course with the resale price of the scooter. From our observation, especially the Jakarta and surrounding areas, the price tag of a used Honda PCX 150 is fairly high. The 2018 production unit alone is still around Rp. 24 million. Meanwhile, the Honda PCX 150 2019 is IDR 26 million. In general, with these discounts, plus a loan, buying a new car will be much easier. If you want to check things about car or motorcycle loans, you can click simulasi kredit mobil to check.


If you want to sell it back, that means you are still quite profitable, right? It should be absurdly big to add money if you intend to buy a Honda PCX 160 2021. Until now, there has been no leakage of the selling price in Indonesia. If you look at the Thai currency exchange rate (Baht), the scooter is sold starting from Rp. 39 million. Regarding the production earlier, it is likely still friendly.

You will get a Honda PCX with a more capable performance than PCX 150. In terms of specifications, the Honda PCX 160 is better than the PCX 150. Most noticeably is the matter of performance where the PCX 160 is able to generate power of 16 Hp at 8,500 rpm and 15 Nm of torque has been achieved since 6,500 rpm. The output is translated to CVT from a 157 cc SOHC engine that has four valves. Due to global products, it is clear that the score will be the same as the Indonesian version of the Honda PCX 160.