Ringkasan pengalaman pengguna Honda Vario 125 2020

Ringkasan pengalaman pengguna Honda Vario 125 2020
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We have collected the personal experience of several Honda Vario 125 users for the majority of readers.

We have collected the personal experience of several Honda Vario 125 users for the majority of readers. I hope that after reading, you'll know more about Honda vario 125


User1 :Sporty impression like a premium scooter

In fact, if examined more deeply, the differences between the 2018 Honda Vario 125 and the previous version are not too striking. It's just that, if we examine again in terms of design, now this scooter made by AHM looks more modern and seems sporty like a premium scooter. This can be seen clearly with the latest color combinations and stripe graphics that are present as a new trend of scooters in Indonesia. Meanwhile, for the kitchen runway sector, the Honda Vario 125 still carries the same engine with a 125 cc capacity with eSP technology considering that this technology is able to maximize the combustion process effectively and efficiently and is able to minimize wasted energy.

User 2:Start the engine with a smoother voice

The eSP technology on this scooter is integrated with the ACG Starter feature which can start the engine with a smoother voice. In addition, this scooter will also be equipped with several other advanced features with high functionality to support safety and comfort in driving. Previously, it should be noted that in order to continue the success of the New Vario 125 PGM-FI which contributed to high sales figures since it was first launched, PT AHM still applies the basic design of the old Vario to this Honda Vario 125 on all sides.

User 3 :Not inferior to premium scooters

Since receiving its first update in 2015, now the Honda Vario 125 has received a refresher again in 2018. This refresh is also applied to the Vario 150. The latest Honda Vario 125 product made by AHM is AHM's newest weapon to compete in the automotive market, especially in the scooter segment. national matic. In addition, one thing that is quite interesting is that the Honda Vario 125 this time will come with a more exclusive and youthful design. So, it is not inferior to the premium scooter whose segmentation is currently on the rise.

User 4 :Motor sporty, economical, powerful, comfortable

if you want to buy a motorbike that is sporty, economical, powerful, comfortable and you choose Honda Vario 2019 it is the right choice for you. So far, my experience using Honda Vario 2019 is safe and there are no obstacles at all. Comfortable and fun. When driving with my champion, with new models and types that make a feeling of confidence when driving. Men and women are very suitable to drive it, regardless of age. With a variety of colors, coupled with variation lights make the new Honda Vario 125 more elegant and more attractive, anyone who has it will be happy and happy.

User 5 : My requirements were rejected because the motorbike was old

Initially I had no plans to take a new motorbike (Vario 125), because I still had a 2009 Vixion motorbike, but at that time I registered for motorbikes & queued up from morning to 1pm, it was my turn to check the completeness of my requirements because the motorbike is too old. Finally, I returned to my hometown to Cirebon for a Vario motorbike loan. In short, I got the motorbike and I registered for motorbikes & received, Alhamdulillah, now the motorbike has been paid off from the results of driving a motorcycle because this motorbike has minimal maintenance and is fuel efficient.

User 6 : One heart can't go to other brands.

At that time I traveled to the Ciomas Banten area. From Bintaro to Ciomas Banten, it is about 111 Km. I filled a full tank Pertamax turbo, gasoline with the best octane level in Indonesia so that the motor performance is most stamina and the combustion chamber is kept clean because it uses the best fuel. And it is very easy to go back and forth between Bintaro-Ciomas-Bintaro again. It's crazy economical, even to myself sometimes I don't believe it and I think the fuel indicator is broken. I gas between 70-90 km / hour. Pokoke full love for Honda Vario. One heart can't go to other brands.

User 7 : Honda Vario 125 is a hero for our family.

Every morning I drive my motorcycle, at 5 am my bike helps me deliver catering until 6.15 I take it around to the customer's house. And after that I took my motorbike to take my three children to school, and after taking the schoolchildren when I got home, I took my wife to the market after I came home from the market I took the catering for the afternoon. And in the afternoon with my favorite motorbike I picked up my children and in the afternoon I still delivered another catering to some of our customers. That's what I do with my bike every day, I think my bike does a lot for us as a family. Even though I use it every day, he never gets tired, complains and remains strong. He is my hero, he is the hero of our family.

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