Comparison of the Suzuki Ertiga with the Toyota Avanza Best-selling Low MPV is n

Comparison of the Suzuki Ertiga with the Toyota Avanza Best-selling Low MPV is n
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Comparison of the Suzuki Ertiga with the Toyota Avanza Best-selling Low MPV is not competitive

The Suzuki Ertiga is still in the main alternative in the Low MPV class. As a Low MPV which has entered the second generation, Ertiga is quite competitive.

Even though it offers an economical machine, competitive prices to good comfort, it still can't compete with the sales of the market leader. Especially if it's not the Toyota Avanza .

Suzuki released the second generation Ertiga in 2018, even though it has armed with a new engine, powerful features and a more modern exterior design.

Even the Ertiga has now carried the platform used by Suzuki in a number of its global products, namely HEARTECT. This platform is said to be both lighter and more rigid so it can create the best driving experience.

So how does it compare with the Toyota Avanza? Then let's make a general comparison.

On the exterior, the Toyota Avanza LED headlights are more attractive

You could say that both of them have very different exterior design characters. Ertiga adheres to a design language that tends to be elegant and exclusive.

Meanwhile, Avanza is consistent with its contemporary form which is almost no different from when it debuted a dozen years ago. But in early 2019 Toyota provided refreshments at several points. One of them is the design of the headlights which at a glance resembles the Toyota Voxy .

Speaking of lights, Ertiga has been equipped with a projector headlamp and fog lamps, aka fog lamps on the GL and GX types. While the Avanza uses LED type headlights.

Both Low MPVs also carry rearview mirrors with LED turn signals as well as retractable features. This feature can be found on the Avanza type G.

Interior, the Toyota Avanza is safer

Comparison of the Suzuki Ertiga with the Toyota Avanza Best-selling Low MPV is n

Both are able to carry seven adult passengers well. Even in the interior sector, the two compete with each other to provide features that almost attract consumers.

Digital AC is already owned by Avanza and available types with double blower equipment to cool passengers to the very back row. But when it comes to AC, Low MPV with the S logo also doesn't want to be outdone.

Digital model air conditioners of course have also become standard. But what's interesting is the presence of a heater function on the air conditioner. Indeed, this feature is not right for cars in tropical countries like Indonesia. But it is not without benefits, for example, driving in a very cold mountainous area will certainly be beneficial.

For airbags, there are only two pieces available at each competing Low MPV. Meanwhile, the Avanza has more protection by carrying a side impact beam on the four doors.

On the Ertiga, relying on the HEARTECT platform which is claimed to be more robust and makes the car more stable. In addition, there is a door stopper feature on the Ertiga that makes the door opening not too far away for safety reasons.

Engines, all are LMPV small horsepower

As an MPV targeting the lower segment, both of them must have an economical engine. Apart from having efficient fuel consumption, both of them are also "required" to have economical maintenance costs as well.

The Ertiga engine coded K15B has a net capacity of 1,462 cc and is claimed to have carried the Euro4 standard. This pacemaker is capable of producing power reaching 104.7 PS and torque of up to 138 Nm.

Comparison of the Suzuki Ertiga with the Toyota Avanza Best-selling Low MPV is n

So what about Avanza? When it comes to engines, the Avanza is superior in terms of choice. Because this Low MPV is available in engine options of 1,300 cc and 1,500 cc.

The Avanza engine with an identity of 1 NR-VE (1,300 cc) and 2 NR-VE (1,500 cc) is quite competitive in terms of power output. The 1,500 cc type is capable of releasing 104 PS of power and 136 Nm of torque. While the Avanza with a 1,300 cc engine has a power of around 107 PS.

For transmission, these two cars are available in manual and automatic options. Unfortunately, both are not yet available in CVT technology.


In terms of sales, Avanza is more in demand, one of which is not impossible because the sales network is more numerous than Suzuki. This brand is also known for its economical maintenance costs.

But if you crave an exclusive and fresh Low MPV, maybe the right answer is this second generation Suzuki Ertiga. If your budget is insufficient, you can check information about car loans on this website: cicilan mobil murah